Eight (Five) Predictions For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Through years of planning and a chain of successes Marvel Studios has delivered films that both excel at the box office and please their fans. Unlike the other superhero movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has all these characters existing in the same universe and crossing over into each other’s films – this started with Iron Man back in 2008 and the standalone films led to the first Avengers film which saw these extraordinary characters team up.

Some Predictions:

Thanos will destroy Asgard

For The Avengers 3, it looks like we will get Thanos as the main villain. Most fans are guessing this and are pretty sure this is where the films are leading to. Thanos is due to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy and he may get to demonstrate his powers to the audiences for the first time. He will not however have his weapon – The Infinity Gauntlet.

Thor 3 is due in Phase Three, likely in 2017, and this will probably be the final Marvel film before the third Avengers. In order to show Thanos’ power, he should be shown to destroy Asgard. As we saw in Thor, The Infinity Gauntlet is safely locked up in the relic vault in Asgard. If Thanos is to utilize the power he will need to get hold of it. It would be great to demonstrate how powerful the character is by destroying an entire world that we have seen a lot of in both Thor movies. Having an entire realm destroyed by a villain would be a good reason to ‘Avenge’.

Steve Rogers will die and Bucky Barnes will become Captain America

Captain America: The Winter Soldier re-introduced us to Bucky Barnes in the form of The Winter Soldier. If you don’t remember, he was Steve Rogers’ friend and the commando who fell off the train to his assumed death in The First Avenger, but Barnes survived and was turned into the Soviet super-spy of the sequel’s title. The post-credits scene of The Winter Soldier reveals that he survives his ordeal with Captain America and seems to remember who he is and how he knows him – it would appear that The Winter Soldier is going to become a good guy. In fact he may become the next Captain America.

In the comics when Steve Rogers is assassinated by Brock Rumlow, a.k.a. Crossbones, Barnes then takes over the role of Captain America. With the fact that Chris Evans said he wants to take a break from acting after his Marvel contract ends and Sebastian Stan (who plays The Winter Soldier) has a nine-picture deal with Marvel, it seems apparent that he will take over from Chris Evans. This is also supported by the fact that Crossbones (Frank Grillo) survives the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and will likely return in the next installment as a villain.

It may just be a prediction but the way things are going the chances of Barnes becoming Captain America is a certainty – whether or not Steve Rogers will die for this to happen is another story. Recently Chris Evans has confirmed that he is to retire from acting and go into directing. With a new career prospect and no reason to sign a new contract, chances are Barnes will replace Rogers in the not too distant future.

Hawkeye will be killed off/retire

Without being harsh, Hawkeye seems to be the most useless Avenger. First of all he has no superpowers, which for a superhero team means he is quite boring. Secondly he got possessed by Loki in the first five minutes of The Avengers. Jeremy Renner says that we will get more back story to his character in Age of Ultron. That may be true but that certainly doesn’t mean the character is safe from being killed off. As the Avengers team increases, it is likely former members will be phased out. Age of Ultron is set to introduce Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and The Vision – War Machine is also set to appear, so that’s four new members now. Is the team becoming too crowded? Maybe they should kill or retire a character? From the reception of the character from fans, Hawkeye is the favourite candidate to leave the team.

While other characters may be on their way out of the team in the near future, Hawkeye will surely depart the team soon. Either retiring or killing off a character is the option. If Hawkeye were to die, it would be far more dramatic and allow the other characters to have some greater development. This could change instantly if the character is given a bigger role when we next see him in Avengers: Age of Ultron. From early reports this may be the case but due to the fact that the team is becoming crowded someone has to go.

No Female Solo movie until Phase Four

Like with Black Panther, the audience may not get a female superhero movie for quite some time. This could change in a heartbeat though, so fans wanting to see a female hero lead a film keep your fingers crossed. There is still a slot available for Marvel in 2017 and as of yet we have no idea what that film could be. There’s been rumours about a Guardians sequel, as well as a Ms. Marvel or Black Widow movie. Kevin Fiege has expressed a great deal of interest in a female solo movie and seems keen on the idea of having Black Widow carry a movie on her own. Fiege however also said that Marvel Studios has no intention to produce a female solo movie anytime soon.

With a roster of strong female characters Marvel Studios has the ability to develop a solo female superhero movie, but as of now they may deem it too risky. Black Widow is very much a supporting character and that has clearly been the case in all the films she has appeared it. She has gone through some decent development but still lacks something that could allow her to carry a feature film on her own merit.

A Ms. Marvel film has been rumored for a while but still the risk is too high (But fucking Ant-Man is a sure thing??). Guardians of the Galaxy is set to introduce Gamora who is a strong female character, albeit a supporting one at that. If she is well received by fans along with Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, then a female solo superhero movie will likely be green lit. Until then though the male characters will continue to dominate our screens.

Red Skull will return as a villain

Red Skull was obliterated by the Tesseract at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, so we assume he is dead right? Well he was actually originally going to appear in the Avengers alongside Loki as an antagonist. In the universe in which these characters exist, the Red Skull is actually still alive. His ‘death’ was not as clear cut as the death of other villains in superhero movies.

Maybe the character is dead and won’t return but with the reappearance of Hydra to the series, there must be a good chance that the Red Skull will come back and get revenge on Captain America – maybe as the antagonist of Captain America 3? We already know that Baron Von Strucker will feature in Avengers: Age of Ultron – who is still running Hydra. Maybe Red Skull has just left a legacy, or maybe he will return.

Red Skull is Captain America’s arch rival so it would be good to see the character return. It would be interesting to see how he copes with the changes in the present day just as Steve Rogers has.

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