It's A Sports Post ! Patriots, Boston sports teams share #BostonStrong message + More

Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, a terrifying event that reverberated all across the country.

#BostonStrong was a message throughout the entire year and it remains so on Tuesday: the Patriots, along with every single Boston-area sports team, all shared a message to the world via their respective Twitter feeds.

The bombings took place at a sporting event and there's at tie there, of course. But more than that, Boston's sports teams helped to unite the people of the area through common-shared experiences.

Whether it was the crowd singing along with the anthem at a Bruins game or David Ortiz inspiring with his profanity-filled speech before a Red Sox game, the people of the area were touched by their sports teams.

One year later, we're reminded of why.

NBA Playoff Picture: Grizzlies clinch, Pacers secure top seed

Clinched playoff berth: Pacers, Heat, Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, Raptors, Bulls, Nets, Wizards, Rockets , Bobcats, Trail Blazers , Warriors, Hawks, Mavericks, Grizzlies

Clinched division title, top-four seed: Pacers, Heat, Spurs, Clippers, Thunder, Raptors

Clinched home-court advantage, first-round: Pacers, Heat, Spurs, Clippers, Thunder, Raptors, Bulls, Rockets

Current matchups (locked seeds in caps):

Eastern Conference

PACERS (1) vs. HAWKS (8)

HEAT (2) vs. Bobcats (7)

Raptors (3) vs. Wizards (6)

Bulls (4) vs. Nets (5)

Western Conference

SPURS (1) vs. Grizzlies (8)

Thunder (2) vs. Mavericks (7)

Clippers (3) vs. WARRIORS (6)



No. 1: Pacers (LOCKED), No. 2 Heat (LOCKED)

With Washington's blowout of the Heat (with LeBron James and Chris Bosh sitting out for rest before the playoffs), the Indiana Pacers clinched the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. It accomplishes a major goal for the Pacers, who spoke about wanting home court for a possible Eastern Conference Finals against Miami all season.

It comes later than expected after Indiana got off to a fast start. But a swoon starting in early February forced the Pacers to battle Miami for much of March and April for the top seed. After Miami beat the Pacers last Friday to establish control of its own destiny, the Heat lost the next night at Atlanta, handing Indiana the tiebreaker advantage via conference record.

So Indiana plays Atlanta in the first round. If the Pacers advance, it's a probable second-round matchup with the winner of Chicago and Brooklyn (Washington still has a shot at the fifth seed and Chicago still have a shot Wednesday at the 3 seed). Miami is likely to face Charlotte, a tough defensive team which lacks offensive firepower to keep up in a series.

The Pacers seem to have a little momentum coming off their win vs. the Thunder on Sunday. Can they combine that momentum with reaching the 1-seed goal to get back on track in the postseason?

East Nos. 3-5: Raptors, Bulls, and Nets

Raptors and Bulls won, so Toronto's magic number for the 3-seed and a potential matchup with Miami in the second-round is one. A win or Bulls loss Wednesday and Toronto is the 3, Chicago the 4.

The Wizards' win means that if they win on Wednesday and the Nets lose both Tuesday and Wednesday, the Wizards move into the 5-spot and play Chicago. Don't know why they'd do that, but it's possible.

Relevant games Tuesday: Brooklyn faces the Knicks and clinches the No. 5 seed with a win, or a win Wednesday over the Cavs and would play Toronto or Chicago in the first round.

East Nos. 6-7: Wizards, Bobcats

Both won Monday, leaving these scenarios: If the Nets win one of their final two games, and the Washington wins Wednesday, the Wizards get sixth.

If the Nets lose their two final games and the Wizards win Wednesday, the Wizards get fifth, the Nets get sixth, and the Bobcats get seventh.

If Washington loses and the Bobcats win, the Nets get fifth, the Bobcats get sixth via tiebreaker and the Wizards get seventh.

If the Bobcats lose, the Wizards clinch no worse than sixth.

The Bobcats can't finish higher than sixth.

Relevant games Tuesday: If the Wizards want the Bulls in the first round,. they're rooting for the Knicks on Tuesday.

East No. 8 Hawks (LOCKED)

The Hawks finished 2-2 against Indiana and Miami in the regular season.


West No. 1 Spurs (LOCKED)

The Spurs win over Phoenix on Friday clinched home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.

West Nos. 2-3: Thunder, Clippers

The Thunder's loss to the Pelicans on Monday made this more interesting. The Clippers still have a very real shot at the 2-seed.

If OKC loses Wednesday, the Clippers can clinch the two-seed by going 2-0.

If OKC wins Wednesday vs. Detroit, or if the Clippers lose to either Denver or the Blazers, the Thunder clinch the No. 2 seed.

Relevant games Tuesday: The Clippers play Denver, which has been in spoiler mode for a few weeks. They've thrown good games at Golden State and other teams. The Clippers need this to keep their hopes of the 2-seed alive.

West No. 4 Rockets (LOCKED), No. 5 Trail Blazers (LOCKED)

The Rockets clinched the No. 4 seed with their win vs. San Antonio, which rested some regulars, on Monday. They have home court in the first round. Game 1 is at Houston this weekend.

West No. 6 Warriors (LOCKED)

The Warriors win vs. Minnesota on Monday clinched the sixth spot. They're locked there and will play either the Clippers or Oklahoma City on the road in Game 1.

West Nos. 7-8 Mavericks, Grizzlies

Memphis beat the Suns on Monday, eliminating Phoenix.

The Grizzlies are tied with Dallas at 49-32 and play the Mavs on Wednesday. After Golden State's win, Dallas and Memphis decide Nos. 7-8 on Wednesday.

The winner faces Oklahoma City or the Clippers, with the loser getting the top-seeded Spurs.

Relevant games Tuesday: None.

The Grizzlies clinched a playoff spot Monday. (USATSI) The Grizzlies clinched a playoff spot Monday. (USATSI)

Evolution’s Not a Mystery – It’s About Making Roman Reigns a Star

Some have not been too enthused by the Evolution reunion, but one man is. 411’s Jack McGee explains why the reformation of Evolution is all about making Roman Reigns a star…

Evolution is not only one of my favorite stables, I think they are really one of the best, at least in recent memory. I loved the Four Horsemen, the Dangerous Alliance, the Triple Threat and of course DX (not that Triple H and HBK version) and the (early) nWo. They all had their place in time, they all did spectacular things in many ways, and they all entertained me. The Four Horsemen were all about Ric Flair and keeping the world title on him, it worked, and it worked very well while making bigger stars of Arn, Tully, Barry, Ole and others. So well that they had their fans, even when they were destroying baby faces without remorse.

When the WWE created Evolution, they certainly mimicked the Horsemen in the best ways possible. Evolution was about building a stable around Triple H, paying tribute to Flair, and hopefully creating stars in Orton and Batista. Evolution did their job very well, because the fans hated them for helping Triple H keep the title so often. Flair played as hybrid JJ Dillon/Ole Anderson role on the group, and it simply worked. Orton and Batista became stars, including the great Orton vs. Foley feud, and the Batista vs. Triple H feud once they did the break. They kept it simple in execution, and there was no mystery, Evolution worked.

Years later Triple H became the COO on WWE; he works diligently with the NXT product and building the future of the company. Batista left due to frustration and has been making a name for himself in Hollywood. Randy Orton was left alone, and while the exact level of his stardom can be debated, he has been loyal to the company and is one of their top stars. Evolution has been gone since 2007 (that bullshit in 2009 when Triple H and Batista feuded with Legacy doesn't count) so why are they back in 2014, and why does it matter? It's simple. WWE was looking to book Batista and Orton for WrestleMania, but they never counted on the support Daniel Bryan would get, they never counted on the backlash against the Batista return, they never counted on the no fucks given for Randy Orton and they never saw Punk's departure coming. Something had to be done, and in this case, going back to the well is it.

Evolution was a WWE creation, it was well done, it was popular and it has star power. The Shield is over, they are great as a unit in the ring, have been the best parts of so many WWE shows and they have that vibe about them. That star vibe when they enter an arena, that vibe when they are beating down some fools. They may not be at Triple H's level, but they feel like big stars. This is why I am so glad that they did not break them up yet. It's not time, it wouldn't have felt organic, it just would have been forced. A feud with Evolution, arguably the greatest stable in WWE history, will put them over the top. They will be looked at as even bigger stars, their hit list will grow, and it will all lead to one thing…

No, this isn't about an eventual break up of the Shield, although it may lead to that; this is about the goal of the return of Evolution, making Roman Reigns a star. Do not be surprised by this at all, the evidence is right there before your eyes. Go back to when the seeds were being planted for the Shield break up. Reigns and Ambrose were argumentative and Reigns was made to look like a stronger threat. He got the Survivor Series push, and then the Rumble push; and live crowds ate it up. When it came time for confrontations, Reigns took the lead position instead of Ambrose, it's all there right in front of your eyes. Add onto the fact that in confrontations with Triple H he got to speak up, and then last week got to spear Triple H, he was the centerpiece. Finally, on Raw, Triple H singled him out as he crawled towards him, and then gave him the pedigree. Whether right or wrong, the focus is solely on Reigns; even if his few singles performances have been extremely sketchy.

Evolution is not a mystery kids, it is all about Triple H's next pet project, it is all about Roman Reigns and making him the next big thing. Triple H has done well with NXT and the Performance center, but I promise that his ego is still bruised over the Kharma and Sin Cara situations. He wants to cultivate a star from nothing so that it is his creation. Reigns has the pedigree so to speak, he was an athlete (football player coming in) with no real wrestling training. Triple H created him in developmental, and at Summerslam (the big rumor), he will try to official make him. Reigns has the look, he's not one of the little guys that have been getting the shine lately. WWE still wants those larger than life superstars and Triple H thinks Reigns is that guy.

It's what's best for business, at least in Triple H's eyes.


Fan touches Curtis Granderson

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- New York Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson was touched in the back by a fan while making a play in the right-field corner of Friday night's game against the Los Angeles Angels.

[+] EnlargeGranderson
Stephen Dunn/Getty ImagesCurtis Granderson was unhappy when a fan reached over the fence Friday night and touched his back during the Mets' game in Anaheim.

Granderson turned toward the Angels fan and admonished him after the incident.

Security appeared to subsequently escort the fan from his seat. On the eighth-inning play, J.B. Shuck had flied out to Granderson, who was returning the ball to the infield when he was touched in the back by someone reaching from the stands.

"He touched me and then I turned around," Granderson said following New York's 5-4 loss in 11 innings. "He was like. 'No, I didn't mean to.' I was, 'Hey, just don't touch me.' And that was it.

"Say whatever you want to say. Boo, cheer, clap, cheer for your team, cheer for the other team. But just don't physically touch the players."

Granderson acknowledged that he was concerned by the incident.

"You never know what's going to go on," he said. "The thing that was asked to me by the [Angels] team security was, 'Are you OK? Did anything happen?' I was like, 'Yeah, everything's fine.' But just the fact that I got touched during the act of the game while things were going on is obviously something to always be concerned about."

Granderson said it was the first time he had been touched by a fan while on the field in his career.

"Hey, if the ball is coming into the stands, you're more than welcome to go ahead and grab it and catch it and do whatever you want to," Granderson said. "Once you come onto the field of play, whether it's reaching over or actually stepping onto the field, obviously then the rule has been broken."

Granderson said he was not seeking any legal punishment. An Angels spokesman said the offender was ejected but there will be no legal involvement.

"I don't know how the stadium handles those different things, what the protocol happens to be," Granderson said. "I'm not going to do anything with it. I was able to continue to play the game, and that's fine with me."

Total Divas Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

Here is what has up about Sunday nights Total Divas episode that aired last night and i will give my two cents on some of the subjects:

It’s all about saving face on this week’s “Total Divas” on E!, both literally and figuratively. Getting thwacked by Summer Rae apparently left Natalya’s nose slightly rearranged and prone to random bleeds; the injury is inopportune at best when Nattie finds out she’s slated to challenge for the Divas Championship at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Disaster seems imminent when Natalya is informed she’ll likely require surgery to fix her nose, which would shelf her for months and nip the title bout in the bud, but Natalya digs deep and goes for it anyway. Despite taking a few nasty kicks to the face in her fateful match, Nattie hangs tough and ends up standing tall even if she falls short of the Divas Title.

Andrews Take: First off I can’t stand Natalya. She seems way over the top and really you can tell this is planned. I am sure she is a nice person outside of the ring and i get they need some hype about Summer Rae slapping her. However, if you are such a bad ass then why let Summer Rae slap you and not do anything about it? I think it’s hilarious that they built up Natalya getting a title shot in three years. I think that proves that this show has done wonders for her career.

Naomi, meanwhile, is in full on freak-out mode as the music video shoot for her debut single fast approaches and Sandra the seamstress has yet to complete her costume. Naomi takes matters into her own hands and after a night of rhinestoning, the outfit is camera-ready… that is, until a preposterous series of misfortunes all but derails the shoot as it’s happening. Not only does she get the video done, even Brodus Clay gives it his seal of approval. She does not, sadly, call her momma to tell her the good news, but it’s still a relief to all involved.

The biggest damage control of the week, however, belongs to John Cena, who Nikki Bella suspects of infidelity when secretive phone calls and business appointments keep interrupting their time together. The timing is especially bad since she’s just gotten her real estate license and is attempting to sell a primo ocean-side condo. Never fear, though: it turns out that while Cena has been speaking to another woman, it’s just an escrow agent who’s helping him buy the very same condo as a gift for Nikki. They don’t call him The Champ for nothing’, folks.

Andrews Take: This show is really the Bella Twins show. This show was built around was the great John Cena is cheating on his super hot girlfriend? At the end of the day he does something nice for her by purchasing a home for her. However, you could see this from a mile away. Cena is not going to cheat on her and it got a bit annoying by the end of the show.

Finally, here is the synopsis for next week:

Tune in next week for an all-new “Total Divas,” airing Sundays at 9/8 CT only on E!. Visit and for more.

Final thoughts: I am not a huge fan of the show and I just have it on while working. I like seeing behind the scene stuff and how the stars really are. I will say this, i would rather watch a reality show featuring the Divas than watching them wrestle.

For all the latest on WWE and Extreme Rules, stick with Daily DDT. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We will be bring you the very latest in the rumors and spoilers of the WWE. As well as giving you the very best in columns and TV reports. Why go to several Websites to get your fix when you can refresh your page on Daily DDT to get everything in one place. You can follow Andrew on Twitter

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USA v China: Carli Lloyd and Hope Solo Shine in Victory

Women's Soccer News: Carli Lloyd Reaches 50 Career Goals with Brace, Leads U.S. WNT to 3-0 Victory against China PR in Front of 12,857 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego

Sydney Leroux Adds Second-Half Tally for 29th Career Goal; Hope Solo Earns 70th Clean Sheet and is One Shutout Away From Tying Briana Scurry's WNT Record

Carli Lloyd became the ninth player to reach the 50-goal milestone with a brace and the U.S. Women's National Team defeated China PR 3-0 in front of 12,857 fans at Qualcomm Stadium. Hope Solo compliments defense in game wrap up.

Sydney Leroux added to the scoring column with her 29th career tally within the first minute of the second half. Hope Solo made one save for her 70th career clean sheet, moving to within one of Briana Scurry's USA record of 71.

Interim head coach Jill Ellis ran the sidelines for the first time since Tom Sermanni was relieved of his duties as head coach on Sunday. Ellis, who called China feisty on the field, is now 6-0-2 as the USA's interim head coach. She was 5-0-2 as the interim coach in 2012 following Pia Sundhage's departure.

Goal Scoring Rundown:

USA - Carli Lloyd (Lauren Holiday), 20th minute: Megan Rapinoe scraped the left sideline with a strong pass to Sydney Leroux, who dribbled past her defender to the end line. Leroux crossed the ball in to Lauren Holiday who was on the right side of the six-yard box and redirected to Carli Lloyd. She finished from 12 yards out with a shot into the right side of the frame. It was Lloyd's 49th career goal and Holiday's 30th career assist. USA 1, CHN 0

USA - Carli Lloyd (unassisted), 23rd minute: Megan Rapinoe's initial shot from the right side was deflected by China's Zeng Ying. Wang Shanshan attempted to clear the ball out of harm's way, but Lloyd controlled from 24 yards out, and her left-footed shot inched inside the left post for a two-goal cushion and goal No. 50 of Lloyd's career. USA 2, CHN 0
Hope Solo talks with reporters after recording her 70th career U.S. WNT shutout. Photo Credit: Diane Scavuzzo

USA - Sydney Leroux (Megan Rapinoe), 46th minute: Just 13 seconds into the second half, China was burned by a botched clearance. Wang Shanshan only partly made contact with the ball at the edge of the box, and Megan Rapinoe pounced with a tap pass to Sydney Leroux. From just outside the left corner of the six-yard box, Leroux lunged and had enough pace on her left-footed shot to sneak the ball underneath goalkeeper Zhang Yue. Leroux now has 29 goals for her WNT career and a team-leading five tallies for the USA in 2014. USA 3, CHN 0

After the match Solo talked about the job her defense did in allowing only one shot to challenge her during the match. “They pressed us a little bit more,” she told reporters, comparing the two matches against China. “I think the first game they sat back quite a bit, but they pressed us more and I think that’s why I’m so proud of our defense because they pressed us more but we got out of the pressure.

"We wanted to get in and get a win in under our belts after everything took place, it has been an emotional week for all of us," said Solo who continued with "It was a brilliant game. Our defense was on top of their game. We took care of all of the details. It was an entertaining game for the fans."

Asked if it was challenging coming back to lead the U.S. WNT as an interim head coach, Ellis, who called the Chinese team “feisty” after the game, said, “I know these guys. I know my role is to come in here and just galvanize them a little bit. They’re so professional; it’s not a challenge to bring this group to be focused on the field.”

Following the match, Lloyd was asked about the timing of Sermanni’s dismissal, in between back-to-back matches, and if it affected the team at all. Rather than a distraction, she explained, it allowed the team to reunite and pull together quickly, rather than if it had happened after the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) season had begun.

“To be honest I think it actually kind of worked out better for us,” said Lloyd, who suffered a bloody nose after a collision during the match. “We went through a little rough patch after the last game against China, and we were able to kind of still stay together and have these next few days together to kind of come together and not just fly off to our NWSL teams. So I think that in itself was really important, to finish this game out, and now we can kind of take a deep breath and leave this team – go on to our NWSL teams – and know that everything is going to be alright. It will work out and we’ll get through it.”

When asked if having Ellis back in charge had made a difference, Solo responded, “Even if she didn’t come in and our assistant coaches took over, I think that we would have wanted to step in and just make things right."

Will Ellis be the new Head Coach? No one knows but it is clear she is highly respected by the players. As Solo said, "I highly respect Jill Ellis. She is great."

Milestone Watch:

  1. The USA added to its record home unbeaten streak which is now at 82 games. The U.S. WNT is 72-0-10 during its current streak, which started on December 8, 2004, with a 5-0 victory against Mexico in Carson, Calif.

  2. Carli Lloyd, who increased her career goals total to 50, is now three tallies behind eighth-place Carin Gabarra on the WNT all-time list.

  3. Heather O'Reilly passed longtime defender Kate Markgraf to move into sole possession of eighth place on the all-time caps list with 202 appearances. Markgraf earned 201 caps from 1998-2010. O'Reilly is inching closer to seventh-place Tiffeny Milbrett, who played in 204 games from 1991-2005.

  4. Hope Solo earned her 150th career cap and is the 18th WNT player to reach that milestone. Among USA goalkeepers, Solo is second only to Briana Scurry (173 caps from 1994-2008).

  5. Lauren Holiday played in her 99th career game, and with her next appearance she would be the 30th player in WNT history to reach the century mark.

  6. Sydney Leroux made her 50th appearance since debuting for the USA in 2011. She is the 47th WNT player to reach 50 games in her career.

  7. With her 30th assist, Holiday becomes the 12th WNT player to reach that career mark.

  8. With her 109th appearance, Amy Rodriguez tied with Angela Hucles for 28th all-time.

Next on the Schedule:

The U.S. WNT faces Canada at 7:00 p.m. CT (8:00 p.m. ET) on Thursday, May 8, at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, Canada.

Broadcast information: TBD

Social: Twitter (@ussoccer_wnt); Facebook; Instagram
Sydney Leroux registered a goal and an assist in the U.S. WNT's 3-0 win over China PR. Photo Credit: Diane Scavuzzo

Additional Notes:

  1. The USA is 6-2-1 in 2014.

  2. The U.S. is now 32-8-12 all-time against China PR.

  3. The U.S. WNT moved to 6-0-2 all-time under interim head coach Jill Ellis.

  4. Thursday's starting lineup featured Hope Solo in goal, with a defensive line that included right back Ali Krieger, left back Meghan Klingenberg and center backs Rachel Van Hollebeke and Becky Sauerbrunn. Sauerbrunn wore the captain's armband, while Van Hollebeke enjoyed a homecoming as she hails from northern San Diego suburb Del Mar, Calif., and played club soccer with San Diego Surf SC.

  5. The midfield of the USA's 4-3-3 formation included Megan Rapinoe on the left side, Morgan Brian on the right and Carli Lloyd centrally.

  6. Lauren Holiday pushed up from her typical midfield role to center forward, flanked beside Heather O'Reilly on the right and Sydney Leroux on the left.

  7. Rapinoe, O'Reilly, Christen Press and Sauerbrunn are the only WNT players to have appeared in all nine USA matches this year.

  8. Van Hollebeke picked up an ankle injury just two minutes into the match. After trying to fight through the pain on the sidelines, Ellis decided to sub out Van Hollebeke, bringing in Whitney Engen in the seventh minute.

  9. Abby Wambach was brought into the match to open the second half as she entered for Brian. It marked Wambach's 220th career appearance.

  10. In the 57th minute, Tobin Heath and Press replaced Rapinoe and O'Reilly, respectively.

  11. Kelley O'Hara replaced Holiday in the 64th minute. O'Hara moved to left back and Klingenberg pushed into the midfield.

  12. Amy Rodriguez was the USA's sixth and final sub, entering for Leroux in the 76th minute.

U.S. Women's National Team Match Report

Match: U.S. Women's National Team vs. China PR

Date: April 10, 2014

Competition: International Friendly

Venue: Qualcomm Stadium; San Diego, Calif.

Kickoff: 8 p.m. PT

Attendance: 12,857

Weather: 62 degrees, mostly cloudy

Scoring Summary: 1 2 F

USA 2 1 3

CHN 0 0 0

USA - Carli Lloyd (Lauren Holiday) 20th minute

USA - Carli Lloyd (unassisted) 23

USA - Sydney Leroux (Megan Rapinoe) 46


USA: 1-Hope Solo; 11-Ali Krieger, 16-Van Hollebeke (6-Whitney Engen, 7), 4-Becky Sauerbrunn (capt.), 25-Meghan Klingenberg, 7-Morgan Brian (20-Abby Wambach, 46), 10-Carli Lloyd, 15-Megan Rapinoe (17-Tobin Heath, 57), 9-Heather O'Reilly (23-Christen Press, 57), 12-Lauren Holiday (5-Kelley O'Hara, 64), 2-Sydney Leroux (8-Amy Rodriguez, 76)

Substitutions Not Used: 18-Alyssa Naeher

Head coach: Jill Ellis

CHN: 1-Zhang Yue; 3-Wang Lingling (7-Xu Yanlu, 34), 6-Zeng Ying, 26-Li Dongna, 30-Liu Shanshan; 14-Wang Shanshan, 23-Ren Guixin (capt.), 25-Zhang Rui (13-Gao Qi, 87), 28-Zhang Xin (16-Wan Chen, 63); 10-Li Ying, 29-Yang Li (18-Han Peng, 66)

Substitutions Not Used: 9-Lou Jiahui, 11-Huang Yini, 17-Li Xianglin, 19-Zhou Feifei, 20-Song Duan, 21-Wang Lisi, 22-Wang Yun

Head coach: Hao Wei

Stats Summary: USA / CHN

Shots: 18 / 3

Shots on Goal: 12 / 2

Saves: 1 / 3

Corner Kicks: 7 / 1

Fouls: 11 / 9

Offside: 1 / 0

Misconduct Summary:

CHN - Li Ying (caution) 59th minute


Referee: Katja Koroleva (USA)

Assistant Referee 1: Felisha Mariscal (USA)

Assistant Referee 2: Amanda Ross (USA)

Fourth Official: Alejandro Mariscal (USA)

Budweiser Woman of the Match: Carli Lloyd

Source 1 2 3 4 5 6

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