Cancer Patient Gets Her Miley Cyrus Wish Thanks to Philadelphia Flyers


The Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup dreams may not come true but they helped fulfill the wish of Upper Merion twins Julia and Christa Rodriguez. On Sunday April 13, the 18 year olds were still reeling from the events of the last seven days.

A week prior, Julia started a social media campaign for Miley Cyrus to visit her twin sister who is battling cancer.

Their phones started buzzing with the news that due to the upcoming NHL playoffs, the Miley Cyrus concert — scheduled for April 22 — had been moved up a day. Christa could not attend its original date since her treatment is scheduled to start that day and she would have had to miss the concert.

“Our mom is a Flyers fan, however we aren’t really into sports,” said Julia. “Now we are very grateful that the Flyers made it to the playoffs because that completely changed our luck.”

They remained cautiously optimistic waiting for clearance from the doctors.

“We immediately had high hopes that Christa could possibly be able to attend the concert and we got excited,” said Julia. “Christa had an appointment with her doctor (Monday) morning and asked them about the concert. They said yes and we all became super excited.”

The doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia diagnosed Christa with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the summer of 2013. In December she was deemed cancer free only to receive the news that it returned around her birthday in March. The twins recently discovered they would be attending when their mother surprised them with tickets as a birthday gift.

On April 6, Julia put their mother’s idea of a Twitter campaign into action with #mileyvisitchrista. By April 10 it was trending in Philadelphia.

Thanks to the date change of the BANGERZ TOUR concert, the hashtag #ChristaVisitMileyBackstage has been added.

“Since we are now attending the concert, we are continuing the Twitter campaign in hopes that Miley will still see it anyway and hopefully Christa will still get to meet her somehow, like a backstage pass or something like that,” said Julia.

Christa lists her favorite Cyrus tunes as “Drive,” “Rooting for My Baby,” and “#GetItRight.” If Cyrus could dedicate a song to Christa, she would like her to sing “Do My Thang.”

“That would be amazing,” Christa added.

“All of the attention from people in our school and the media have been overwhelming and incredible, but the happiest moment for us would have to be at the mini THON at our school last week. That showed us that, Miley or not, people genuinely care about Christa and there are so many people that show their support and love, it feels incredible,” Julia said.