Celebrity Spring Break Fashion Update

It's dubbed America's very own Glastonbury, but there's no need to pack you wellies for this music festival! Nope, in the Californian sunshine, Coachella is all about tiny shorts, flowered headbands and, uh, long black goth coats?

Well, for Kendall Jenner at least.

The model/reality star/Harry Styles' ex has been strutting her stuff at the music festival in an interesting wardrobe choice - a black floor-length lace coat.

And she's not alone. Her little sis Kylie has turned all punk rock on us and their new BFF Selena Gomez has obvs been hanging out in the same shops too as she looked like she'd turned a pair of her granny's curtains into a sheer basic bitch dress.

Then there was Katy Perry. Rocking green vomit hair, the Roar star was barely recognisable as she watched Lorde bore the crowd.

But don't worry. With the likes of model Cara Delevingne and her sister Poppy on hand, the style stakes are still running high.

They've been spotted with Brit actress Sienna Miller and Jackie Swerz looking suitably fashionable.

Other ladies setting a good sartorial example include supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who was snapped parading around the festival in a teeny tiny pair of shorts, which showcased her endless legs.


Paris looked qt this weekend imo & Kesha looked so good, is that a ring on ha finger?