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***Flawless Bryan Cranston helps Breaking Bad fan get a prom date

Bryan Cranston took a few moments out of his day in New York where he is currently portraying former president Lyndon B. Johnson in the play “All the Way” on Broadway to help a Breaking Bad fan get a date to his prom.

Here’s the video posted to YouTube by Heather DiBianco and below you can see the footage Stefan took filming Cranston speaking to “Maddy,” the girl who is being asked to prom by Heisenberg himself.

Nothing screams romance like a former chemistry teacher turned meth cook turned ruthless murderer and drug kingpin, right?! I mean how can a girl say no to this, well I certainly hope she is familiar with the reference in this clip taken from the end of the season premiere of the final season of Bad otherwise it’s going to come off as pretty creepy.

But let’s just assume that like most of us she is familiar with the star of the popular AMC drama.

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