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Crimson Peak News n' Things

Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam suits up and spends 34th birthday filming Crimson Peak in Ontario
Fans know him best as the tattooed bad-boy biker Jackson 'Jax' Teller on FX's Sons of Anarchy.
But Charlie Hunnam looked every bit the dapper Englishman suited up on the Ontario set of his new film Crimson Peak Thursday.
The British thespian spent his 34th birthday shooting his role as Dr. Alan McMichael in the horror film set in 19th century Cumbria.
Female fans young and old flocked around the clean-shaven 'man of mayhem' and he kindly obliged them with autographs and pictures.
In Crimson Peak, Charlie ditches his Harley-Davidson and reunites with his Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro.
Mia Wasikowska ♥ heads up the gothic romance as an author called Edith Cushing, who discovers her charming new husband Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) is not who he appears to be.

Check out all the details for Monday’s Crimson Peak shoot in Kingston, Ontario
Guillermo del Toro’ highly anticipated movie Crimson Peak, starring Mia Wasikowska ♥, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, and Jim Beaver, is set to film a big scene with more than 300 extras in Kingston, Ontario on Monday, April 14.
According to a casting call, a shoot for Haunting Gothic Horror Story – the movie’s sometimes working title – is taking place in Kingston’s Market Square. The scene, which will take 12 – 16 hours to film will re-create “an early, thriving, 1900s streetscape.”
The casting call describes Crimson Peak as “the story of a young aspiring author (Wasikowska) who, in the aftermath of a family tragedy, is torn between love for her childhood friend (Hunnam) and the temptation of a mysterious outsider (Hiddleston). Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to rural England to a house that breathes, bleeds...and remembers.”

Hiddleston says Wasikowska is amazing
Thor: The Dark World star Tom Hiddleston is known for starring opposite Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel movies, but lately he's been acting alongside another Australian.
Hiddleston stars in Only Lovers Left Alive with Mia Wasikowska ♥ and is also filming Guillermo del Toro's new horror film Crimson Peak with the Aussie actress.
He says Wasikowska is amazing and he was looking forward to working with her again.
"I think she's an old soul. She would probably hate me saying that, but she's very, very wise and very, very level," he says.
Hiddleston says both their roles [in OLLA] are completely different from anything they've ever done.
"Mia turns up and she's this kind of mischievous rock chick who's a bit of a trickster actually," he says."She plays it brilliantly." But in Crimson Peak, their dynamic "is a bit different".

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Set photographs HERE
Bonus: Jessica Chastain's dog Chaplin getting his hair styled

Yeah, the header image has nothing to do with the movie. I picked it only because CH is smoking hot here.
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