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Reminder: Kitchen Nightmares' Return to Amy's Baking Co. TONIGHT

Who could forget the explosive season finale of "Kitchen Nightmares" when star Gordon Ramsay gave up and walked out of Amy's Baking Co. in Arizona? The episode generated numerous headlines thanks to owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, who berated customers both in person and online.

Now, the show is returning to the bakery for its season six premiere to see how the Bouzaglos are faring. And in an exclusive sneak peek that Fox is sharing first with, it seems things have gotten nuttier for the restaurant owners. [go to source, video won't embed]

"We've become the No. 1 tourist attraction for the summer, only it's like Disneyland for the crazies!" owner Amy declares.

"This show caused so much attention for a variety of reasons and we decided to, you know, devote more time than just putting it in a revisit show," executive producer Arthur Smith told reporters during a conference call Tuesday.

But for those hoping for a showdown between Ramsay and the fiery couple, sorry to break the news, but it ain't gonna happen.

"The way things were left, with Gordon walking out and it being a very heated departure, we decided that it was best that Gordon didn't go, nor did he want to go back," explained Smith. "So we preferred to do it this way — send a reporter in ... and have her check up on them and see what they're doing and see how they're feeling and everything else."

Not that Ramsay will be absent from the episode all together. As Smith pointed out, the star will be hosting the show and providing commentary on what he went through and what he was feeling while filming that finale episode.

And for those who didn't get enough of the drama the first time around? Smith said there will be new footage in the season premiere from last year's episode.

"It was a tough show to edit down to 42 minutes, so we had a lot of extra material that we thought would be interesting for people to see," Smith said.

"Kitchen Nightmares" premieres with a special two-hour episode Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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