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Wrestling fans blast Nancy Grace after Diamond Dallas Page interview + Cody Rhodes Drags Her

Nancy Grace's interview with Diamond Dallas Page, a veteran wrestler from Point Pleasant, about the death of The Ultimate Warrior, has wrestling fans crying foul. (YouTube)

Outraged enough to get #CancelNancyGrace trending on Twitter today, some wrestling fans are none too happy with the HLN host.

Why? Last night Grace interviewed Diamond Dallas Page, a professional wrestler who hails from New Jersey, about the death of The Ultimate Warrior this week.

Page — born Page Joseph Falkinburg — is from Point Pleasant — presides over a yoga empire and now lives in Atlanta.

The Ultimate Warrior, born James Brian Hellwig, died suddenly on Tuesday at 54. Though his cause of death has not been determined, Grace, in talking about wrestlers who have died at a young age, seemed to target her questions specifically toward steroid use among wrestlers.

"He looked great but you don't always know what's going on on the inside," said Page, 58, having just seen the late wrestler at the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, calling him "an intense cat" who was in great shape.

If he was in such great shape, why was he found dead, Grace asked.

"The last thing I am is a doctor, Nancy," Page answered.

"He's admitted that he used steroids," Grace pressed.

"Yeah, back in the day, we all used them back in the day," Page said.

"Whooooa," Grace bellowed. "Now we didn't all — I never used a steroid. I wouldn't know a steroid if it bit me in the neck."

There's now a related petition on to CNN — parent network of HLN — calling for Grace's job.

"I went on Nancy Grace last night expecting to discuss Warrior the man," Page (@RealDDP) tweeted today. "Had I known the only topic discussed would be steroids I would not have participated," he said. "At the time I was also unaware of the list that was shown to the viewing audience."

He was referring to a list of wrestlers who died young that was displayed on screen as he and Grace talked. "To imply that all of the wrestlers on that list died from steroids was wrong and for that they owe the families an apology," Page continued. "Again, my only intention was to discuss Warrior the man and share some stories about how dedicated he was to the wrestling business. I am saddened that was not what happened and my thoughts remain with his family."

Source 2

I have a feeling that Bret or Owen's widow is gonna come for her wig tbh
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