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Caroline Manzo Says Teresa Giudice "Was Never a Friend"


Drop the drama! Caroline Manzo told Us Weekly on Wednesday, April 9, that her relationship with former Real Housewives of New Jersey costar Teresa Giudice was strictly work-related -- and nothing more or less.

"She was never a friend," Manzo told Us at the Healthcorps Annual Gala In NYC. "She was someone I worked with. Someone I knew."

By the end of the show's fifth season, original cast members Manzo and Giudice's cordial relationship had completely broken down. Making matters worse? Teresa remains close pals with Caroline's estranged sister, former RHONJ costar Dina Manzo.

Despite those tensions, Manzo shared with Us that she holds nothing against Giudice -- who, along with her husband Joe, pleaded guilty to fraud charges last month and await sentencing.

When I had the opportunity to work with her and be a part of her life, I tried my best," Manzo confessed. "No ill feelings. My heart goes out to her and what she’s going through now. I wish her and her children peace and nothing but the best. It’s history. It’s in my past and that’s where I’m keeping it. I walked away for a reason."


With RHONJ behind her, Manzo gushed about her family's reality TV show, Manzo'd With Children, which will premiere on Bravo later this year. "I'm a wreck!" she told Us about the series' pickup, which was announced by the network on Tuesday. "I'm terrified, excited, and grateful all wrapped into one."

On Manzo'd With Children, don't expect Housewives-style feuds and pyrotechnics, she warns. "You would not see this face on TV to go back to that drama," Manzo said of Housewives' drama-fueled tension. "I walked away for a reason and I intend to stay away. Lets call it dilemmas. We'll have dilemmas."

The mother of three kids -- sons Albie and Chris, and daughter Lauren -- added that viewers should expect to see different aspects of the family's personality. "I think they’ll say oh, 'I never knew Lauren was that feisty' or 'I never knew Caroline was that laid back.' I'm excited and so honored to have this opportunity! I'm shocked! It blows my mind, Thank you to the network."

Porsha Stewart Responds To Allegations That She Stole A Song!


Yesterday songwriter Pierre Medor accused Porsha Stewartand Real Housewives of Atlanta producers of using footage of Porsha singing his song 'Perfectly Worthless' without permission. 

Pierre claims he agreed to have the piece filmed as a vocal test, but had no idea it would actually be represented asPorsha recording his song — especially because he says she sucked at singing it! 

In response to the allegations that she's a worthless song thief who simply can't sing, Porsha is firing back! She tells TMZ that Pierre – who has worked with Usher, P.Diddy, and Nelly – signed a release with Bravo and is simply try to ride her coattails for 15 minutes of fame! And he actually pleased with what Porsha did with the song - and she has proof!

After the footage was spotted on RHOA last week, Pierreand Porsha exchanged text messages. "They played u tonight!!!!! Lol we was caught off guard lmao," Porsha texted to Pierre "The Maven". Pierre's response, "It's cool. It was a good look! Now we need to get a record done." You can see proof of the text messages on TMZ. 

Porsha's rep calls Pierre's accusation a "desperate attempt to ride her coattails." Porsha meanwhile is busy promoting her single 'Flatline' – which actually sounds pretty good!

Brandi Glanville Denies Drinking And Drugging Allegations


Brandi Glanville is not new to allegations of imbibing a little too much. But this time it is not her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars who are talking about her party girl ways, but instead it is the cast of Celebrity Apprentice.

Brandi and her Celebrity Apprentice co-stars have beenspotted at various businesses – like at Pie Face, above –  around New York City performing business-based challenges for Donald Trump's hit reality show. But is the pressure of the show taking it's toll on Brandi?

According to reports, the pressure — not to mention alleged fights with cast members Kate Gosselin and Kenya Moore— has been mounting and in order to deal, Brandi has turned to drinking and taking Xanax. But what does Brandi have to say about it?

Never one to let the truth slip by, the Drinking and Datingauthor took to Twitter to slam rumors that she is drinking and drugging on the set of Celebrity Apprentice.

"I'm working on a major network show in NYC I'm working hard! I am not "drinking &or drugging" the cameras don't lie, so just watch &see :)"

In true Brandi Glanville fashion, she followed that tweetwith, " But when this is all over I will need a giant glass of wine? ;)"

So she is not drinking and drugging, but I think she is probably mixing with Kenya Moore like oil mixes with water. I cannot wait to see these housewives go at it…..and perhaps get put in their place by The Donald!

Andy Cohen Calls The Shots On Real Housewives Casting; Blasts Copycat Shows As Ripoffs


NeNe Leakes turned the tables on Andy Cohen in a special segment of Watch What Happens Live.  Nene got Andy to confess who has the say in casting the Real Housewives, whether he only hires Housewives with money and are heading for bankruptcy and so much more.  Andy even slams the other "wives" style copycat ripoff shows.

Andy reveals that his favorite Real Housewives franchise is "the one that I'm watching; the one I'm screening. I go all over the map. Atlanta makes me laugh the hardest. It's consistently the funniest, although new York makes me [laugh] too."

The most fashionable franchise is Beverly Hills.  "I thinkBeverly Hills, New York and Atlanta have the most fashion."  What do you like about BH?  "I like seeing their houses. The weather is always great and they're always outside.  And it's all roses and hair and.." 

NeNe asks, do you have a hand in hiring and firing housewives?  "I do".   NeNe squawks, "So if anything ever happens to me, I need to come for you?  What! are you kidding me?"   Andy asks if she seriously knew that or not and she swears she had NO idea.  

On what he looks for in a new Housewife.  "Someone who is willing to be open, live their life fully in front of the camera. Someone with a point of view.  Someone who has a sense of humor or at least, funny or humorous or different in some way.  Someone who will fit in with the group and hopefully someone who knows people in the group and has a natural connection to them. They have something to say, they won't be run over and will open their lives up to the camera and share something that we haven't seen before." 

On why they choose people who don't have a husband, children, etc.   "If you remember back to season one of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Jo de la Rosa was dating Slade, she was single and it was her aspiration to be a housewife and that's why she was on and she really wanted to be a housewife.  And then Real housewives of New York came second. Bethenny was single, but she very much wanted to be a housewife. So, I think that's how that started."

So housewives is just the "name"?  "I think Housewives is the name and I think it's a little bit of a wink because housewives is an old fashion term and we're turning it on it's head because a housewife now, it's a modern woman and it's something totally different."

Nene asks if there's a formula to casting – like with her she's married to an older man and she thinks there's a woman married to an older man on each show and on every show there's a single girl and an outspoken one.  "No, but I understand what you're saying. There's no slot like 'oh we have to fill the person who's married to the older guy' but it is interesting how that's worked out. "

Do you have to have money to be a housewife? Probably, yes. You have to have a lifestyle. Nene says "whether you're going broke or not. bankruptcy or not you need a lifestyle."   Andy says "we've had too many of that".

Nene says, "when we first started this housewives thing, there was not a lot of shows out there called Housewives, now there's wives this, wives that. how do you feel about that?"  Andy tries to the high road but then admits he's a shady tree.  "I think the PC thing is like 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…. and then I think it's like a bunch of second rate shitty ripoff shows. I've never seen any of the shows, by the way."





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Is anyone planning on watching her reality show???

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