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BTS Pics of Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Russo brothers talk deleted scenes

During Collider’s lengthy chat with Joe and Anthony Russo, among things the sibling directors discussed were Captain America: The Winter Soldier scenes left on the cutting room floor. Revealing that there are about 5 of them that’ll feature on the DVD/Blu-ray, Joe Russo described one particular scene with high praise.

“There's a great scene that got cut that’s like master class in acting between Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson that took place near the end of the second act,” reveals the co-director. “It’s when they find Fury in the Bunker. Natasha takes issue with the fact that Fury did not let her in on the fact that he was still alive; she actually believed he was dead. It’s a nice reflective moment for her where she goes ‘Oh my God, this is the world I invited myself to?’ Fury says, ‘I had to keep the circle small.’ Short scene, but it’s a great one.”

Joe Russo went on to explain that it was actually Scarlett Johansson who suggested the scene be taken out: “After she saw the movie, and loved it, she goes: ‘It just seems there was a bit of a drag in that section. This is crazy for me to recommend, but do we really need that scene between me and Sam? Is there really narrative content in that scene? You could still get the arc out of my character without it. So, she actually recommended cutting her own scene.”

Full interview with Anthony and Joe Russo here.

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