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Kylie Jenner Says Plastic Surgery Rumors "Hurt My Feelings" and "Are Kinda Insulting"

Kylie Jenner is just gifted with good looks.

Regardless of having visual evidence that great genes run in her family (seriously, she has four sisters who are all gorgeous!), some media outlets have sparked speculation that the E! star's attention-grabbing features are thanks to plastic surgery.

Um, no, first of all. Second of all, that really hurts Kylie's feelings.

The brunette beauty took to Twitter to slam the rumors that she's gone under the knife and to add that she finds it "insulting."

(iirc, Kris paid for Kourtney to get a boob job at 16, so I don't think that argument means much...)

Of course Kylie's looks are changing, she's growing up! Additionally, she's been under the spotlight almost her entire life and is friends with some of the greatest makeup artists, so she definitely knows more tips and tricks than your average 16 year old.

Jenner replied "I love you" to pal Hailey Baldwin, who wrote that people don't want to believe she's naturally beautiful, and to someone who pointed out that "puberty is a beautiful thing."

Alas, this isn't the first time someone from her family has been targeted in plastic surgery rumors. Earlier this year, older sis Kim Kardashian was getting scrutiny for losing the baby weight so quickly.

One fan wrote in saying, "Why is it so hard to believe she works out hard for her body? Let her be skinny in peace! You look great!"

"Preach! LOL thank you," Kardashian responded. "It sucks when people make up surgery or photoshop lies when I am so disciplined & work so hard! Just trying to motivate others & show anyone struggling with weight they can totally achieve whatever they want if they are dedicated!"

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