Put on Your Shins-Guards Before Watching the Trailer for Zach Braff’s New Film

Your $3,105,473 in Kickstarter donations is paying off with another poignant selfie of Zach Braff. Ten years after Garden State introduced you to Frou Frou, manic pixie dream girls, and, with its dead-on-close-ups, every contour of Braff’s goofy-cute face, we finally have the trailer for the similar-but-different Wish I Was Here. Between Wikipedia and the trailer, we can surmise the movie centers around an actor/husband/father dealing with his father’s declining health, a sci-fi alternate reality, the woes of being friends with a character from The Big Bang Theory, and a pesky The Shins obsession. Focus Features acquired the Zach Braff/Kate Hudson/Jim Parsons/Mandy Patinkin-starring film at Sundance, and will be releasing it on July 18.


Mostly here for the source's commentary tbh. And srsly tho The Shins again?