Ben Affleck Grows 17-Inch Biceps; Heads To Detroit for BS Movie

Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck grows 17-inch biceps for movie to be shot in Detroit

DETROIT, MI -- Ben Affleck is beefing up for his Batman role in the new superhero film with Superman that's expected to be shot in Detroit this summer.

That's at least according to his wife Jennifer Garner, who told the website Collider her hubby now has 17-inch biceps and works out twice a day.

'Batman vs. Superman' stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot appear on way to Detroit for work with Henry Cavill

DETROIT, MI -- Work on the untitled Zach Snyder-directed film "Batman vs. Superman" could begin this week in Metro Detroit based on reports that claim the high profile cast members are on their way to the region.

Jennifer Garner, actor Ben Affleck's wife, told Jimmy Fallon during an appearance Wednesday on NBC's "Tonight Show" that Affleck will be leaving home Friday to begin work on the film.

"I get home Friday, and he leaves that day for Batman - it's time," Garner told Fallon.

Garner didn't mention Detroit as Affleck's destination, but that appears to be where he's headed based on multiple reports.

What's certain is that the movie will shoot in Metro Detroit. The Michigan Film Office confirmed that last year.

The Israeli website Ynet reports that new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has already left for Michigan.

The site also posted images of Gadot with trainer Mark Twight.

Twight appeared to imply in a post on his Twitter page this week that he's on his way to Detroit and used the word DTW, the abbreviation for Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Henry Cavill will play the role of Superman in "Batman vs. Superman" and has been spotted in Metro Detroit on a few occasions since late January.