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Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li has unveiled the video for her chest-thumping new single No Rest for the Wicked, taken from her forthcoming third album, I Never Learn. A beautifully shot film about intimacy and separation, the video evokes the harsh emotional subject matter of the new album, which Li wrote after a breakup.

“No Rest for the Wicked is the second song I wrote for I Never Learn,” says Lykke Li. “I wrote it in Sweden when I was packing up my shit, and I’d just gotten out of a relationship and it was a horrible time. I just had the hurt, shame, sadness, guilt, longing. The vocal track, the take, is the demo. In the verse, I’m referring to myself pleading guilty, but I’m referring to all of us.”

Following on from the critically acclaimed album Wounded Rhymes in 2011, I Never Learn will be released on 5 May.

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Lykke Li discusses making her fashion design debut

Lykke Li has spoken about her first steps into fashion design, The Fader reports.

Appearing at an intimate playback session of her forthcoming third album 'I Never Learn' at Brooklyn's Converse Rubber Tracks studio, the Swedish singer opened up about her collaboration with label & Other Stories, owned by high street store H&M.

"I've done a whole line of black clothes for somber times," Li explained. "I'm a very bad shopper. I hate going to stores and I can never find what I want. Basically, I want to wear something that has no seams – like, I just don't want to wear anything. I'd rather go naked. So I always had to make my own stuff."

Lykke Li Previews new songs on Instagram (so gorgeous!!!)

Pics from her Instagram

Rollacoaster Magazine Feature

After a year of self-discovery in LA, Swedish power popstress Lykke Li is back: her emotionally upfront forthcoming LP completes a trilogy of records she’s spent a lifetime cultivating.

A lot has changed in Lykke Li’s world since her break as the twee-voiced force behind 2008’s electro-pop debut album Youth Novels. Gone is most of the young-at-heart innocence that drove it and visible are the tear-tracks on her cheeks. Li, born Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson, hints that the new record, her third, signifies the end to a trilogy, following …Novels and 2011’s mournful Wounded Rhymes. The three LPs trace the 27-year-old’s transitional twenties; from keen-eyed chanteuse to today’s older, steelier Li, who’s far less easy to define.

"It’s always frustrating when you’re trying to catch your dream, you’re always chasing it but you never find it", she says of the record, which was born out of the "sad, hurt, tired" mood she’d slipped into coming off the …Rhymes promo tour.

Li admits to disappearing for a while, hiding out at home in LA’s folkloric Laurel Canyons district. “I gave myself permission to abandon it all”, she says, bluntly. Having retreated and with no real game plan LP-wise, she began to feel creative buzz again. The singer drove herself to distraction; “going insane”, taking great pains over early takes, trying to translate that jagged candour to the final mix, and doing it again and again ‘til it felt right. She went back to the album’s demo tapes for final versions - “they were the most real”, Li explains.

During the recording process, she made time to go back to Sweden (her birthplace) to make a feature film, acting in tense crime thriller Tommy - a challenge Li forced herself to take on. “I was so scared, but I had to do it. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I didn’t have the balls to”.

"After the film was done, I kept on writing, and I did it only for myself. I was interested mostly in my own processes - the things I did and the things I observed in myself. I was super honest". She pauses, thinks, and goes on: "At my age, you’re faced with so many fears, hopes, dreams and disappointments. You’re left alone".

The TBC-titled record is about determined self-discovery, and finding strength from within. “It’s about putting yourself on the spot, putting yourself in a situation with a big chance of failing, and also a chance of winning. Much like life, I guess”.

And now, with the album soon out via Atlantic Records, it’s nearly time to hit the road again and show the world her baby. “It’s something that I have to do, even though I feel the fear of failure. I always feel like I’m a soldier about to go into war. The album means so much to me, I can’t let it go. I’m the only person that can do it right.”

I ask what she imagines fans might take from it. “I hope they feel less lonely, that’s all you could ever ask for. That’s why I listen to music, to know someone else has gone through the same type of heartbreak.” Stock up on the Kleenex then guys.
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