Will you watch 'The Truman Show' TV series?

Ahead of its time for predicting reality TV (while cranking the concept up to a fantastical, satirical level at the same time), 1998’s The Truman Show posited a world where a series could be built around one unsuspecting person, whose entire existence was a fabrication and whose life was watched by millions. Paramount thinks it might work as a show itself and has the idea in development.

Peter Weir’s film, which starred Jim Carrey as living subject Truman Burbank, explored what would happen if Truman suddenly found out that his life was a lie.

It was certainly a compelling concept for a film, though such a well-contained and well-executed story that you do wonder what angle a series could take. No details have been released about the potential telly version, though there is scope for a longer arc about a man slowly finding out the truth about his world and the paranoia that might provoke. The big question will be whether it could live up to the movie’s impact.