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Mia's Musings Megapost

You probably recognise Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska best from her roles in Alice In Wonderland and The Kids Are All Right, or from when she was the SS12 face of Miu Miu, right? Well, with two films out this month, it's time to get talking about Mia. Next month sees the release of Richard Submarine Ayoade's artsy movie The Double, where Mia met boyf,
Jesse Eisenberg (aw!). Here, she reveals the celebrity she always gets mistaken for and the piece of clothing she's been wearing for three years, then she plays our fashion 'This Or That?' game...
ASOS Meets Mia Wasikowska (video)

What were your first impressions of the script?
I usually know I want to do something when I can imagine who the character is very clearly. But Hannah was the first character I’ve read that really confused me from scene to scene. I didn’t know whether she was nice or bitchy or mean but not aware of being mean, or whether she was aware of being mean. And then I had to take into account that the films from Jesse’s character’s perspective,
whether he’s seeing things through an exaggerated point of view. So she was a
complete mystery to me at first.
What were your first impressions of Richard Ayoade ♥ ?
I saw Submarine first, and I really liked it. I met him in LA, he was really sweet and nice. And I was blown away by him during the production; the choices he made in regards to the style and the characters, the acting style. I think he’s a genius.
mia wasikowska was "blown away" by richard ayoade on set of the double

She's realistic about her red carpet self versus her real-life attire. "I probably dress completely differently in my everyday life but I have fun dressing up for a couple of days a year," she admits, while also revealing that she is a "comfort freak. I really like things that are comfortable." This need for comfort also extends to travelling - and she has her flying outfit worked out down to a T. "I'm very OCD about it, I just wear black tights and shoes that I can slip on and off and a long top-I just wear the exact same thing. I envy people who have the ability to change when they get on the plane and off the plane."
So she's definitely not the sort to be doing a high heel post-flight saunter anytime soon. "You see so many people getting off planes in fancy clothing and I don't know how they have the discipline to do that," she laughs.
Mia Wasikowska, self-confessed "comfort freak"

With a host of big, leading roles for Australian actress Mia Wasikowska already \to her name, the talented performer is now set to appear in two forthcoming releases, The Double and Tracks. It’s for the former, in this instance, that we sat down to speak to her about.
Wasikowska is renowned for tackling an eclectic range of projects, always pushing the boundaries and trying new things. So we asked her what attracted her to this particular project. We also discussed working alongside British director Richard Ayoade, and how the whole shoot worked, in what is a meticulously choreographed piece.
Mia Wasikowska on The Double (video)

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