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The Art of Letting [Jermaine Dupri] Go

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey’s current era hasn’t been running smoothly. Her last single, “You’re Mine (Eternal),” peaked briefly at No. 88 on the Hot 100, while her single before that didn’t even chart — pretty shocking for a woman with 18 No. 1s.

It’s hard to isolate just one issue to blame for for Mimi’s current decline –whether it be song choice, image, promotion, or a little bit of everything– but Epic Records kingpin L.A. Reid seems to have an idea of what the problem might be: Jermaine Dupri.

Reid recently retweeted a disgruntled lamb who criticized Mariah’s “messiest era” and said that she needed a manager, even though Dupri currently serves as her manager.

Dupri was officially announced as Mimi’s manager last October, which is when all her major chart trouble started. Although her commercial success has been on the decline in recent years, the diva’s last pre-Dupri single “#Beautiful” still managed to crack the top twenty, eventually reaching Platinum sales by the end of its run.

Dupri’s management has also upset lambs, with one angry Mariah fan penning a scathing open letter to the former hitmaker that’s been gaining traction on social media after being covered by a few urban entertainment sites like S2S Magazine and She Knows.

Unfortunately we still have no idea how Mariah herself actually feels about all this, but knowing her, she’ll let something slip in an interview before too long. Considering the amount of champagne she’s been drinking lately and her escalating diva behaviour, she should be calling people out in no time!


Do we even have any other tags for these people? Also, if you want to read the open letter, here it is.

Tags: mariah carey, music / musician (producers)
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