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Being Human (US) Series Finale Recap: How Did it all End?

Being Human, the story of four supernatural roommates and their journey to blend in with everyday, ordinary people, took it’s final bow Monday night.

Over the past four seasons, fans of Being Human – which adapted from the British show of the same name - have come to love – and fear – the unusual group all living under one roof: Aidan (Sam Witner), a tortured and troubled vampire; werewolves Josh (Sam Huntington) & Nora (Kristen Hager); and ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath).

When Syfy announced the shows cancelation earlier this year, fans of the series were surprised of the news – Being Human has had pretty steady ratings over it’s four season run. However, the move was something that executive producers Anna Fricke and Stefan Pieszczynski -along with series star Witner and other cast members- wanted.

In an interview with Witner sited budgeting reasons as the main cause for the desire to end the show on a high note. When asked about the difficulty of producing a fifth season of the series Witner responded with the following statement:

“Mostly budgeting reasons. When you don’t have enough budget to do what the show requires, then you have to call in favors. For example: getting friends to guest and putting them up in apartments. I will have to say that filming in Montreal, the crews are amazing, but the acting talent pool is limited, unless you’re OK with them speaking French. So we had to get actors from Toronto and Vancouver and that costs money.”

If you haven’t seen the Being Human yet, I suggest you stop reading the article now as there are some serious SPOILERS coming up.

“There Goes the Neighborhood” picked up where we last left the four roommates, with Sally’s vision of the future, the one where Aidan snaps Josh’s neck moments after having to take the life of his son Kenny. Sally conjures up the strength to transport Josh, Nora and herself to the basement and seals the door to prevent Aidan from getting to Josh. Knowing that the only way to bring Aidan out of the trance and to save Aidan from himself, Sally makes the ultimate sacrifice. Sally gives Aidan a chance to finally be human again, by sacrificing herself so that Aidan can have the life she believes he deserves. Sally vanished from the room, bringing viewers the first death of the night.

Sally’s sacrifice gives the three roommates still standing the chance to flee the house, free of Ramona’s grip. We get to see Aidan enjoy the perks of being human again, such as gulping down cheeseburgers and chili-fries, but with mortality comes limits once again. Soon it is made clear to Aidan that his time in this world is coming to an end as his organs are rapidly decaying.

In a last attempt to cheat death, Aidan identifies a recently changed vampire in a bar and tries to get the vamp to turn him. Just when it seems that Aidan will get his wish, Josh arrives to meet Aidan at the bar only to see him pinned up against a wall in the alley. After scaring the vampire away, Josh and Aidan share a truly touching scene as Aidan confesses his fear of dying.

Earlier in between all of the week to live, moving on scenes between the three remaining roommates, Ramona decides to send Josh, Aidan and Nora a message. She kills a construction worker, sending a bold message to the three roommates, “There is no escaping her.” Aidan comes across an article in the newspaper about the murder in the house, it’s a good thing they read the newspaper still, and shares the news with Josh. Josh and Aidan agree that they need to face Ramona and find a way to end her reign of terror. The two agree to meet up at the house in one hour, an agreement that Aidan breaks.

Aidan enters the house and is quickly greeted by a very angry, vengeful Ramona. As it becomes clearer that Aidan will not make it out of this battle alive, Ramona literally makes Aidan choke on the blood he has spilt in the house over the years. Then in a poetic like way, Ramona sends Aidan tumbling down the stairs in the same fashion that took Sally’s human life. With his let dying breathes of air Aidan sets the house into flames, tossing a lighter onto a gasoline covered floor. As the house goes up in flames, esicentially dying, so does the house spirit Ramona.

When Josh and Nora finally arrive at house, they’re overwhelmed by the sight they see. A body being removed on a stretcher and the remains of what used to be their home. The two enter the apartment, taking in their surroundings and accepting that their battle is finally over. As the two embrace, a familiar voice greets them from behind, Aidan. In typical Being Human form, the roommates joke about the new curveball thrown their way.

That’s when Aidan’s door appears, I have to say I wasn’t sure this moment was ever going to happen. Aidan opens the door and walks into the bright white light, to find a very familiar face waiting for him, Sally.

The show flashforwards slightly to the future, to find Nora & Josh asleep in a field, both dreaming of their lost roommates and happier times. As they awaken we find out that the pair have not one but two children, Sally & Aidan. The shows fades away as Nora and Josh enjoy a normal moment with their children as a family.


To the few of us fans on here, what did everyone think? I thought it was bittersweet. And while it had its flaws, I thought it was a very fitting ending. I am very content. BTW, The kids at the end were Sam Huntington's actual children.
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