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Stalker causing Selena Gomez to live out real life horror film!


When we talk about the supposedly nightmarish aspects of celebrity, we're usually just exaggerating about minor inconveniences in order to dull our own primitive jealousies over how celebrities live. Strangers want to take their pictures? Oh no! Uncertainty over where that next six-figure paycheck will be coming from? Horrible! Invited to too many charity events? Literally WHO would live like this? But facetiousness aside, there are some very real nightmares that celebrities experience, especially if you're a young female. Selena Gomez, for example, seems to be quietly starring in her own real-life horror film. According to TMZ, last week the actor/singer moved into her new newly purchased home in the hills of Calabasas only to get a knock on the front door from a stranger wondering if she was home. When a brave friend reported that she wasn't, the man disappeared and responding officers arrived to discover he'd broken into Gomez' guest house! Fortunately that man was arrested and sentenced to 45-days in jail. Phew, right? Except no, no phew, because due to jail overcrowding he was released only TWO days later. Guess where he immediately went upon his release? You guessed it: Selena Gomez's house, where he was spotted by neighbors hopping the fence. The man was re-arrested, so that's at least another two days in jail right there. And for the record, this repeat-trespasser-stalker is a different one from the stalker who was arrested trespassing at her house back in February. Just a totally different trespasser-stalker. See what I'm saying? This is a legit nightmare scenario Gomez has going for her, and all the rules of a slasher-thriller are in effect. Isolated house, incompetent police, she's the most virginal in her circle of friends, she surrounds herself with interchangeable floozies and her ex is a jerk!

Such a scary situation! :/
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