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NEON JUNGLE perform at the "Let's Grow Wild" Launch + NeonDiaries #1

Yesterday the girls hit a bloody rooftop in central London of all places to kick off the campaign, which aims to get young people sowing, growing and generally find stuff out about UK native wild flowers. And obvs Asami wore an amazing flowery crown for the occasion.

Chatting about the campaign, Jess said: "We wanna get other young people involved in planting some seeds," with Asami adding: "Before this we were oblivious to how many UK native wild flowers have gone. Basically 97 per cent of the flower meadows have disappeared since the 1930s." Then Shereen piped up: "If you didn't do the math, that's only 3 per cent of our flowers left, so we want people to get involved and help out."

Maybe if our maths teachers had such good hair, we might have been able to actually understand Pythagoras' theorem by now. AH WELL.

Check out the gals' performance in about 15 seconds below. It was very windy.

Oh hey, is that a sneaky snippet of a brand new track we hear?
Neon Jungle - Louder (New Song Live)

Can You Feel the Love

Welcome to the Jungle

Neon Diaries #1

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