TM2's Adam & Taylor Breakup.

Fans have been buzzing for a few weeks about the possible break up of Adam Lind and his second baby-mama, Taylor Halbur. Sometimes these rumors are started by what fans observe on their own through social media. We reported here a few weeks ago, that Taylor and Adam had broken up but we didn’t have concrete proof. That is, until now.

Two insiders, close to Taylor, are revealing that they have finally broken up for good. Reportedly, Taylor is the one who ended the relationship because of Adam’s immaturity. We are told his old demons were starting to creep up again. Adam’s February car crash was a sore spot for Taylor after she received lots of backlash from friends and family about how immature and irresponsible Adam still is.

In case you forgot, Adam is facing 5 serious charges stemming from that car crash and could very well face serious jail time. Adam’s original baby-mama, Chelsea Houska has already taken action in protecting her daughter, Aubree by requiring Adam be under the supervision of his parents if he wants to spend time with Aubree. Adam is also not allowed to drive Aubree, which is obviously a good choice given the fact that Adam was driving without insurance, without proper registration, and without a valid drivers license.

One source close to Taylor, tells us that she isn’t doing very well and is having a hard time dealing with the break up. The source tells us Taylor is constantly listening to empowering break up songs like, “A Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans. The second source confirms this information, telling us, “Taylor IS struggling but she knows it’s whats best for her and Paislee.”

Taylor posted on twitter over the weekend that she couldn’t wait to pick up Paislee this weekend. We are assuming Paislee might be with Adam at his parents house.