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Lupita VS Dencia: Lupita's Lancôme Sells Bleaching Cream?

When news hit the air yesterday Friday, April 4, that Lupita now joins the likes of Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts as an ambassador for beauty company, Lancôme, we were very happy for her.

Going by the records, Lupita is the very first black lady to join the team of the company's spokes persons.

But there's another twist to the good news. A fan of Lupita whose intention was to shame Dencia, tweeted at the bleaching cream seller about Lupita's new achievement.

Trust Dencia never to be quiet she replied "But they sell bleaching cream tho".

Now Dencia has taken a big swipe at Lupita! Remember what caused this whole brouhaha? It was the fact that Dencia's cream was touted as being used by black girls as bleaching cream. But Lupita would have non of that as she blasted Dencia right on Oscar's stage for encouraging African girls not to be proud of their dark skin. In defense of her reputation, Dencia explained that she didn't intend for her product to be used as bleaching cream but that dark African ladies who personally wanted to bleach simply went for it.

You would agree here that a manufacturers sometimes may not have control over what customers use their products for just like in this case.

For example, before Dencia's Whitenicious became a 'scandal', some dark-skinned ladies go for creams manufactured by white people for white skin, and use them to get their skin bleached. So, who blames the white cream manufacturers for producing those creams?

It's only logical to think that those white people who manufacture those cream may not have made them for black girls but for the maintenance of white skin. So do you now blame them when dark-skinned girls decide to buy their products for bleaching?

So do I smell racism in Dencia's case? After all, we've heard about white people who tan their skin and nobody goes to the roof top to criticise them.

Note here please, I am not in support of bleaching so this is just a logical analysis of Dencia and Lupita's fight.

From research, Lancôme Paris is a French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house that distributes products internationally. Owned by L'Oreal since 1964, Lancôme is part of the Luxury Products division, which offers skin care, fragrances and makeup at higher-end prices.

Lancôme is a French company and French people are white-skinned. So it's natural to conclude that their products are for white people including their creams being produced to maintain white skin.

Why absorb Lupita then? Does the company intend to start producing cream for black girls too or is she going to market cream meant for white skin to the black people which is equal to bleaching ? Or is Lupita who is a black girl going to market cream for the white people to white people which doesn't make sense here.

Okay, may be she'll be excluded from the cream aspect to just their other range of products like perfume and makeup.

So if we analyse this Lupita's Lancôme deal in respect to the kind of cream the company produces which is for the white skinned, it's logical to conclude that if she joins to promote this kind of cream, black girls who now see her as role models may buy them to bleach their skin. Or why would a black girl market cream meant for white skin to white people which she herself doesn't use? That doesn't make sense.

In essence, Dencia could be right when she said Lancôme also sells bleaching cream. Just like her Whitenicious was faulted to have encouraged bleaching, Lancôme's cream, if truly investigated would have been used by black girls over the years for bleaching!

If Dencia had bleached her skin then she was wrong and Lupita was right to have maintained her skin colour. But this is a logical argument presented by Dencia here.

If Lupita had kicked against Dencia's Whitenicious then, why accept a deal with Lancôme? This is hypocrisy here!

So, dear Lupita, where do you stand in this- for the money or the integrity which everyone thought you had? Or was it a mistake to have taken a swipe at Dencia in the first place if you knew you would still accept such deal? Maybe you should have kept quiet so this bomb wouldn't be coming at you right now.

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