Taye Diggs, Draco Malfoy and most importantly KAIDAN ALENKO to star in "Murder in the First"


The morning fog had lifted over San Francisco's Chinatown, and actor Taye Diggs was busy chasing down a lead in a Silicon Valley murder case.

"I didn't do nothing!" yelled a witness, as Diggs - playing SFPD homicide Inspector Terry English - collared him on the Grant Avenue sidewalk. "Police brutality!"

The scene was shot on a recent Monday morning in San Francisco for the new series "Murder in the First," to debut in early June on TNT. Co-created by Emmy-winner Steven Bochco, the crime drama is set in San Francisco and follows a single case across the 10-episode first season. It involves inspectors Terry English and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) along with a rich and petulant young techie played by Tom Felton (best known for his role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series);

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Preparing for the police roles involved spending time with homicide detectives and inspectors in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and talking with police brass, including SFPD Chief Greg Suhr. Longtime homicide Inspector Joe Toomey is serving as a technical adviser on the series.

"They want to get the police stuff right," Inspector Toomey said, watching the scene in Chinatown - "the language, procedures, arrest techniques, crime lab, that sort of thing."

Robertson, who recently appeared in the political drama "Boss" with Kelsey Grammer, prepared for the role by talking with Police Chief Suhr and doing ride-alongs with detectives. She went into crack houses, watching as criminals were apprehended and arrests were made.

"I asked questions about how they do things, what they love about these shows and what these shows always get wrong," Robertson said, sitting in the Four Seas restaurant in Chinatown, which served as a location for shooting. "The biggest thing I got from my research that isn't in television shows or movies is the true dynamic between the cops and the 'bad guys.' They know each other. The cops know the offenders, and it's actually much more casual because they know each other."

Okay but the point is, Draco Malfoy, right? And there is also a thrilling secret hidden in this unfortunately unembeddable video, so you will have to click the link:


Wait wait who was that appearing later on in the video? Was it TOP VOICE ACTOR RAPHAEL SBARGE, who voiced BEST LOVE INTEREST KAIDAN ALENKO in the Mass Effect Series? Yes!! It was!! He is also in the show*, so I cannot understand why the article did not focus mainly on him. Kaidan X Draco fanfic? Have at it, tumblr girls!


* ok I guess according to imdb Raphael Sbarge is only in the pilot. BUT STILL!