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Broadway honors Alison Janney, drags Frozen

On March 31, New York’s MCC Theater held its raucous Miscast gala, an annual fundraiser honoring one veteran theater artist — this year, the fearless Allison Janney — with a concert program line-up that features Broadway stars performing songs typically sung by the opposite gender. Last year, you might remember Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff stopping the show with Smash’s “Let Me Be Your Star.” (oh shit don't skip this link it's pretty great) This year was no different, but we’ll get to that. First, Janney.


"I don't know what's feminine for 'mensch,' but it's her," said "Mom" creator Chuck Lorre in a recorded video, as Ms. Janney slumped down in her seat next to her friend, NBC honcho Bob Greenblatt, who produced the musical "9 to 5" in which Ms. Janney starred.

"What is going on?" Ms. Janney asked. "You can't even imagine what I thought tonight was going to be and what it actually is."

She said that in her early years as an actress, people told her she would never work. Because she's so tall, "I was told that I would play aliens. I think I would play a really good alien."

Since then she’s earned two Tony nominations, won two Drama Desk Awards, as well as her well-loved run as C.J. on The West Wing. For Janney, it all goes back to theater.

“I believe that any actor worth their salt has to have done theater,” says Janney, "When I did West Wing, all of those actors I worked with came from New York theater, and I think it makes a difference. Actors on Broadway, we have a similar language.”

But oh, let’s talk about the evening’s big showstopper: Jeremy Jordan, of Newsies and Smash fame, had the crowd going berserk as he performed the now-iconic Idina Menzel anthem “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. Here's video of Jordan’s gender-bending performance.

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