Ayoade Adoration Association™ Post: Part Deux

The director of The Double (who puts the "A" in "AAA"), a Dostoyevsky adaptation that stars Jesse Eisenberg as a nervous man terrorised by his arrogant doppelganger, explains how the story taps into the dark side of the human psyche. (video interview)
"Darth Vader is Within All of Us" (The Guardian)

The funnyman who starred in television comedy The IT Crowd before becoming a director says there would "have to be an outbreak of influenza" for him to cast himself in one of his own projects. As for the fact he was once labelled the "coolest man in London" by NME magazine, that just makes him wince.

"I think that was a typo - it was the coldest man in London, the most emotionally distant man," says the softly-spoken 36-year-old, looking not unlike his IT Crowd alter ego Moss, in a brown suit, patterned shirt, dark tie and thick-rimmed glasses is constantly pushing upwards. He might be modest but Ayoade, whose film-making debut Submarine earned him a Bafta nomination and a British Independent Film Award for Best Screenplay, is clearly discerning about the work he takes on.

"I didn't think it would be possible to direct films at all. I hoped to write, and I guess that is still the thing I do mainly. This directing feels very unexpected," says Ayoade, the son of a Nigerian father and Norwegian mother. He studied law at Cambridge, despite knowing the degree was not for him.
Coolest man in London? More like coldest (Evening Times)

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