Kristen dyed her hair!!!! And American ultra update


She got it done at Maison de Cheveux in NOLA where she is getting ready to film American Ultra with her Adventureland co-star Jesse Eisenberg.

Topher Grace has been added to American Ultra, which has a cast led by Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Uma Thurman. Nima Nourizadeh will direct a script by Max Landis (Chronicle), in which a pothead who lives a simple life in a small town with his girlfriend Phoebe, has his life turned upside-down when something from his past comes back to haunt him and the government wants to take him down. Going head-to-head with the lead, Grace will play “a hotshot CIA agent who has recently taken on seniority that has gone to his head, and power-hungry he begin a mission to kill a secret government asset.”

Lionsgate will release American Ultra next year.


Side note: every year we raise money for Kristen's birthday on the 9th and donate it to organizations she supports. Last year $7600 was donated to Children of the Night(an organization to stop human trafficking) and this year we've donated $14,621 and counting to Cure Alzheimer's.

Thank you for your time.
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