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ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? The OTP that never lets go...

Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio won over our hearts in "Titanic," and in the process, won over each other... but not in the way we want! What gives? Let's see if their astrology can give us some clues...

Kate & Leo

Well, they have SEVERAL aspects in common; both of them Moon, Mercury, & Uranus in the 1st house, Saturn's in the 10th house, & Neptune in the 3rd house, yet the most important are their shared Moon, Mercury, and Rising in the partnership-loving sign of Libra. They have the same instinctual responses, emotional needs, outlook on how to handle what life throws at them, and perceive information the same way. The Libran Way!

Mercury is the messenger- not only making connections between our sun and moon to help us find a cohesive understanding between our emotions and instincts from the moon, and how to express them with the sun- but also, how we communicate with others and ourselves, how we learn, interpret ideas, and understand our surroundings. Since both Kate & Leo have this in Libra, they communicate and understand one another perfectly- the main approach for Mercury in Libra is balance. Libra is the scales after all, and any idea or decision must be weighed from both sides of the spectrum, and because Libra is an air sign, Mercury is able to present both sides to be weighed without bias, from an objective and conceptual viewpoint. They ultimately want to find a way to have both sides win and for everyone be happy and at peace. The problem is that Mercury in Libra has a hard time asserting itself. Many times, they will smile and nod to keep the peace, even if they disagree with you. Some call it diplomacy, and some call it cowardice, but many forget that having the people closest to you be happy is Libra’s #1 priority.

The moon is very comfortable in Libra. For starters, Libra is ruled by Venus, so it’s a very beauty-loving sign; and not understated beauty like fellow Venusian-ruled Taurus, but full on, balls-to-the-wall, paint-me-the-Sistine beauty. With that love of beauty comes a certain creativity which the moon thrives on. The problem the moon has in Libra is expressing itself fully. Libra would never allow the moon to bust out anything messy that might offend or hurt someone else… however, the moon does makes Libra realize that you can’t be completely connected to someone unless you do show those feelings. So with Kate and Leo, they are able to find a safe space with one another, where mutual understanding allows the moon to finally have a haven where it can fully express itself to another person without fear of rejection or hurt feelings.

Kate & Leo’s suns can bring a new dynamic to their relationship as well. Leo is a Scorpio- and they’re given a bad rap for being so manipulative and dark- but let me tell you one thing that you should never forget. If you fuck with someone that a Scorpio loves, it will be the last thing you ever do. Scorpio is a water sign who emotes through power, the more emotion they feel, they more power they can create. There are no limits. There is no concern for consequences. And it may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow… as the matter of fact, it will be the moment that you stop watching your back for them that they sting you. Kate loves, above all, that she knows Leo’s Sun-in-Scorpio will have her back. Libra is not great at defending themselves- they can try to charm you until you’re not mad, and they WILL try to reason with you into the grave, not to mention intense compromising; but when Libra feels like there is no one in their corner, that’s when they crack. Kate knows that she can always call up Leo, he’ll understand her and he’ll defend her- whether it’s just simply taking her side and backing up her choices, or going to fifty magazine to sing her praises. It goes both ways though, the one thing Scorpio strives for is to feel emotionally secure, it brings out the absolute best in them, so knowing that Kate would drop everything and go be his BFF makes it easier to date all those models, lose all those Oscars, and look at your aging face in the mirror everyday.

Their sun signs can provide some interesting problems as well. Libra and Scorpio aren't exactly known as compatible in general- because Scorpio is so determined and really thrives off emotional transformation; while Libra is completely indecisive and wouldn't dream of bringing emotional turbulence into things. It's said that each sign is made up of what is lacking from the sign that came before it, and in this case, where Libra wants to make peace; Scorpio wants to create havoc. Where Libra wants to spend time around someone constantly; Scorpio enjoys their alone time to think and recharge. Where Libra is a mental acrobat always searching for the fair and right way to handle things; Scorpio is more of a powerhouse who just wants to handle things and could care less about who wins (they always win in the end so anything less than victory is just a bump in the road). When you incorporate this in with their other placements though, I think it's far more likely that they are able to find balance in their conflicting outward expressions that makes the other feel more evened out than put out.

They share 4 planet placements in the same houses as well. This means that the planets are working in the same area of their lives, which can bring the same type of events to light at the same time, as well as provide the same outlook on those events, which can make it feel like their paths are very similar. For example, let's say Mars in transit conjuncts their natal moons- this happens once every year and a half to two years- it would be a time when you take action (Mars) based on your emotions (Moon), or perhaps have to deal with issues in your family, or on a happier note, finally feel motivated to do something with your home! Since their natal moons are so close, Mars would affect both of them in the same manner around the same time, which would obviously be helpful when you need someone to talk to and they understand completely because they're dealing with the same shit too!

We have to face facts. Despite our undying love for them, and their undying love for each other, there are two very important planets that just don’t mesh well for these two when it comes to love: Venus & Mars. If you’ve been paying attention, you know these two planets have A LOT to do with our romantic liaisons. Venus is in control of our social and romantic life, from who we make friends with, who we’re lovers with, what we expect from them, and how we treat them- and for women, the type of men we find attractive. Mars is ruling over our sexual prowess, the things we go out and DO with our friends and lovers, the things that motivate us to find love, and for men, the type of women they find themselves attracted to…

Let’s start with Leo, because his Venus placement is SUPER fascinating to me. It’s in the sign of Scorpio, which as we know, is concerned with emotional worth and is very in tune with the complexities of how human emotion creates our psychology... Scorpio manipulation is often a lot less about manipulating someone, and more about Scorpio proving it’s intuition right. It’s placement in the 2nd house is the truly telling part. In the 2nd house, we are always dealing with our worth, whether it’s our self worth, our monetary worth, and how we value the things we have, whether it’s possessions, friendships, or lovers. To have Venus in this placement creates an interesting conundrum because Venus is working in the 2nd house to enhance Leo’s feeling of worth; hence why he probably dates all these models and young women, because the feed that image of worthiness that Venus is looking for, but ultimately, because Venus is in Scorpio, there is never emotional satisfaction. They seem different at first, but once Scorpio in Venus has learned what makes you tick, you become like all the others. Add to this that his Venus is in a tight conjunction to his Sun; which is great for being charming to a fault, snazzy and on trend, but also, creates a HUGE problem with vanity. So, he really does face the struggle of constantly choosing his image and worth over the emotionally satisfying.

Kate’s Venus is on a totally different page, or, house I should say. It’s on the cusp of Leo and Virgo; and the thing about cusps is that because there is no “definitive” line in the sky where the energy of one sign ends and the energy of the next sign begins, you do have a gray area where the planet can be called upon by either influence, which is where it becomes important to interpret the rest of the chart to see how the other planets will influence the cusp planet. In this case, I think that when she looks for love, she wants that more Leo-esque relationship with someone who is light-hearted, funny, and devotes themselves to her without question; however, in the act of showing love, she is called more by the Virgoan side, which expresses it’s love for others by doing simple things for them, being a practical voice of reason, and in so many ways- a rock of dependability. Venus also decides who we make friends with, and lands in her 11th house of friendships! So undoubtedly friendship is very important to her, and she probably looks for a lot of elements of a strong friendship in her romantic companions as well; you think that would make Leo a shoo-in, but with the eleventh house, you also have to remember it’s also our most unconventional house- it’s the place we’re allowed to revel in our unique individuality while still being able to contribute to society and our social groups. Really, this position of Venus allows for her to have many kind of different friendships, as well as romances, and appreciate each one for what they are…

...What type Kate goes after romantically will be judged more by her Mars in Gemini in the 9th house. Mars is most comfortable in Gemini out of all the air signs, but still cannot focus that quick, curious, restless Gemini energy. It’s able to keep up with Gemini’s 50,000 ideas, but can never really figure out which goal is most important to accomplish. She needs someone who can keep up. Not to mention Gemini is light-hearted, fun, doesn’t really want someone who is a downer, critical or pessimistic. The good news is that since Mars hangs on to our grudges for us, it’s likely she doesn’t hold any. Gemini won’t allow Mars to keep it when there is so much more stuff to do. Especially as it lands in her 9th house, what she really searches for is someone who expands her growth in every direction and appreciates profound thinking… this is a dangerous house for Mars though because it has to watch it’s ego here or it will suffer from self-righteousness and be a little too harsh with it’s honesty.

Leo’s Mars is in Scorpio, with his Venus & Sun, in the second house of worth; it’s not to say he doesn’t have fun, but the Scorpio energy is just much more intense than light-hearted. Mars is actually very comfortable in Scorpio- because Scorpio is a plotter and in Leo’s 2nd house, it’s plotting for itself. I have a book that says “Mars in Scorpio understands that the most challenging and dangerous battles we have is in our own psyche” and I would agree with that completely. Mars is motivated by the demons inside, which is probably why Scorpio is so common in entertainers; because they want to be able to express their range of fucked-upness, and doing it under the guise of a “character” allows them, the real person, to not have to be seen as vulnerable themselves, allowing a certain power and domination to be kept. When it comes to what they want, they’re willing to wait until they have every piece of the puzzle figured out before putting it together, and this makes them dangerous in their own right, because you won’t ever really see what their ultimate agenda is until they want you to. This is so far from how Kate operates; her Mars in Gemini is not going to sit and stare at puzzle pieces, it wants to go do other shit and it’ll come back to help you put everything together once you’re ready- in the meantime, there is something else to be done!

And as far as sex goes- well, you should just start making bets on whose Mars would get bored first. It would sorta be a game of wits to be honest. Mars in Scorpio constantly trying to figure out which personality of Gemini’s her Mars will slip into next, and Mars in Gemini taking great delight in keeping Scorpio forever confused… except, while Scorpio is trying to figure out what makes Gemini tick, they almost miss the point entirely, that nothing really makes Gemini do anything- they’re a totally self-thinking provoked energy. If they don’t think it, then it will not be. Try to push their buttons, but if they decide they don’t care, then they’ll find something else to do- and a tossed aside Scorpio is not an enemy you want to have. Throw in their totally incompatible Venus signs; Kate, who wants attention (Leo) while she politely smothers you (Virgo) and Leo’s Venus in Scorpio, which is looking, almost single-mindedly, for a deeply transformational emotional connection that changes you to the core (but in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons) and you can see how they wouldn’t exactly work. Kate’s chart is very lacking in water influence, so her attachments are all mental, and while Leo has enough air to maintain that type of friendship, he wants to be consumed by love and lust, and Kate is much more of a companionship type than the type who wants to fall into any emotional pitholes.

I personally think, and maybe they do too, that the reason they never got together was plain and simple: have your cake and eat it too. Here you have a perfect friendship. Someone you can run to with your thoughts and feelings who gets it 100% while still allowing you to explore other people that may complete the parts of yourself you feel you're missing. With such strong Libra influences, their relationship helps to complete “the scale.” You have your soul mate that loves you no matter what weighing on one side, and you get to have the other people who give you things you can’t provide to yourself on the other side. Libra is a relationship oriented sign, but also an air sign, so, conceptually, they can understand the mental attachment and importance you have in your one-on-one relationships that has nothing to do with sex, or romance, or “being together.” They understand that importance of just having someone who is your truest confidant and has grown up with you, seen you through heartaches and high stakes, and ultimately, in so many ways, a worry free friendship is so much healthier than a relationship where you have to struggle to see eye to eye, deal with the feelings of jealousy, insecurity, paranoia that it could be over and you’ll lose this person from your life in the way that you’ve grown accustomed to them… romance can just make a great friendship messy… and Libra’s don’t like mess.

[Cut for sources and stuff]

Source for celeb birth charts
For those of you interested in getting your own chart, I recommend this site.

I stumbled across these blogs in one of my random internet searches; they're basically about what astrology predicts for the future of the world based on planetary movements and drawing from what has happened during those same placements in the past. Definitely worth a read!

Astrological Transits: The most detailed and accurate global predictions for the decade 2010-2020 ever.
Mundane Predictions: Astrological Dialectic of the Future

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