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James Franco’s Instagram Scandal: A Hoax To Promote New Film?

On April 1, two major things happened for James Franco — the official trailer for his new film ‘Palo Alto’ hit the web and he was accused of hitting on a girl half his age in NYC. In the film, Franco’s character is an older coach seducing a young girl. Is it ironic that these things happened on the same day?

Could James Franco be the ultimate prankster? The same day that he was allegedly hitting on a 17-year-old fan in New York, the trailer for his new movie Palo Alto hit the web. So, could it be that the incident with the young teen is just to promote the film that he plays a teacher seducing a student?

On April 1, Lucy Clode, 17, met James, 35, outside his Broadway show Of Mice & Men and filmed an Instagram video. He asked her to tag him in it on Instagram, which she did and then — according to leaked screen grabs — he messaged her.

In the messages, he asked her how old she was, what hotel she was staying at, and for her phone number. She apparently gave it, because more screen grabs showed iMessages, showing him sending two separate pictures to prove it was actually him — including one of him holding a sign up with her name on it.

There’s no proof these messages are real, but after a little research we discovered that not only was April 1 the day of the apparent tweets, but also the date James’ new movie trailer was released.

Palo Alto, a film based on James’ 2010 book of short stories, is a high school drama about a forbidden romance that develops between single father (James), who coaches a high school soccer team and a young student, (Emma Roberts).

In the trailer, which you can watch above, we see them get hot and heavy (and almost naked). Since James is known for being quite the prankster, could it be that he created the whole young-girl-in-NYC scenario just to promote the film?

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