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Amazing Unreleased Britney Music Not For Your Ears

Rebellion” producer, Jeff Dandurand, says there’s a lot of phenomenal Britney Spears “Blackout” tracks on the cutting room floor, and we probably won’t ever get to hear them.
In a long Q&A with fans on his Facebook, Dandurand says “Rebellion” won’t ever leak because the Britney Brand has its eyes on it never getting out.
“People want to keep coming at me about why or why not [it won't get released] and it’s not my fault. I really could give a fuck if I hadn’t been threatened by numerous litigation regarding it by label and associates. All I can say is when it all goes down, there’s only one truth that remains. I wrote a song that Britney Spears contributed and sang on. The rest is people’s own issues attached onto this steller moment in music. The label can fuck with it all they want, they lose us fans respect and make it harder for Brit to shine in the way she should at this point in her career. They have poisoned her creatively and an artistic force.”

Dandurand turned to a private message chit chat with an Exhaler about what songs are recorded but under lock and key:
Take The Bait
Bad Girl
I Dare You
My First Love
Red Is The Color
Rules of Attraction
Second Chances
Other tidbits of info that leaked from the convo:
- Kevin Federline has “Rebellion”
- Fed-Ex is about Kevin
- “Crucify” is one of Britney’s best songs of all time, described as “a beautiful ballad with haunting melodies in D. Kind of like Tori Amos but different lyrics and arrangement..its about oppression and loss..”

Screen caps of the convo:

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