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The Trailer for the Inevitable Miley Cyrus Porn Parody Is Here

The first rule of being famous is: You haven’t truly hit the big time until you’re spoofed in a porn parody. It happened to hate-filled unemployed person Sarah Palin, it happened to the melanoma-ridden cast of Jersey Shore, and now, it’s happened to Miley Cyrus. Porn company Devil’s Film has been teasing their XXX parody of the pop star called Molly’s Wrecking Ballz for a while and they just dropped the trailer. In the two-minute video, we see “Miley” in a strap-on lesbian scene with a “homegirl with a big butt” (like from her video for “We Can’t Stop”), take a doggystyle pounding from Robin Thicke (like from her VMA performance), and go for a limo fuck ride with Justin Timberlake (cultural reference not found). Here, let the press release tell you more. Take it away pornography company...

"This hardcore feature follows the adventures of America’s pill-popping princess Molly, as she sucks and fucks her way to stardom with Hollywood’s hottest celebs. With pseudo appearances by Beyonce, Liam Hemsworth, Robin Thicke, and Justin Beiber look-alikes, this A-list fuck fest is sure to make headlines and turn heads."

The full movie drops tomorrow like a wrecking ball. Watch the trailer right here via our porn bros over at NSFW obviously, it's porn.

Tags: miley cyrus

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