NEW Sailor Moon MUSICAL to Premiere This September!

A new Sailor Moon musical has been announced on the Sailor Moon official site. Not many details have been given but we do know that this musical will follow the Black Moon story arc of the Sailor Moon manga or the Sailor Moon R season of the anime which takes place in 30th century Crystal Tokyo following the battle with the Black Moon Clan. Though Chibiusa is not mentioned by name it stands to reason that this musical will feature her introduction as well as her transformation into Black Lady. No details about the cast have been revealed but the announcement mentions that this will be announced on the site in the near future.

This will be the second modern Sailor Moon musical following Sailor Moon La Reconquista which played last September.


Edit: Some sources are saying it's coming out in September, some are saying this summer. I hope it's this summer, I need new Myusical perfection in my life!