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‘The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story’ To Be Re-Issued On Two-DVD Set

On 19 May 2014 Eagle Rock Entertainment will reissue 'The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story' on 2-disc DVD set.

Co-founder and lead singer of Pink Floyd, the late Syd Barrett was a major cult figure and rock music legend. This documentary was originally made in 2001, but has been unavailable for some time prior to this timely reissue.

The charismatic and brilliant guitarist of the early Pink Floyd, Syd created a unique psychedelic sound and wrote wonderfully eccentric songs including the hits 'Arnold Layne' and 'See Emily Play' as well as whimsical material such as 'Bike' and 'The Gnome'.

Syd Barrett left Pink Floyd in 1968 when his increasingly erratic behaviour made his continued participation in the band impossible, being replaced by David Gilmour, a friend of his from college days in Cambridge. After two extraordinary solo albums he disappeared from music altogether, returning to Cambridge to devote his time to painting, his first love. Further albums of unreleased material were made available by EMI Records, but the first two albums, 'The Madcap Laughs' and 'Barrett', stand testament to Syd's musical individuality, alongside the debut Pink Floyd album 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn', for which Syd was the principal composer.

'The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story' tells the full bizarre, tragic but also celebratory story of Syd Barrett with contributions from all the members of Pink Floyd plus friends, managers and lovers. There are some excellent bonus features included with the 2-disc set: Disc One has an additional interview entitled 'Robyn Hitchcock On Syd Barrett', whilst included on Disc Two are uncut interviews with Pink Floyd members Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright; in addition Blur's Graham Coxon performs 'Love You'.

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fave syd song?... do you happen to prefer his work with the floyd or his solo material?
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