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Where Does Brian’s ‘Ex-Plosion’ Rank Among ‘Real World’ Finale Meltdowns?

Moving out of the “Real World” house has incited cry-fests, ceasefires and, of course, blowout bashes over the years, but every few seasons, a housemate completely loses his or her sh**, and tonight, Brian let his inner-beast out. After the cast’s final outing, Jenny‘s ex returned to the “Ex-Plosion” compound and began arbitrarily kicking water jugs, shaking bed frames and even tackled poor Arielle, who was just trying to calm the drunken brute down. And though Brian definitely left his mark, he wasn’t the first cast member to ever lose his cool at the last minute.

When the dust cleared in San Francisco, we were reminded of some other finale crackups that rocked the long-running series. Take a look at a few, and tell us where Brian’s ranks in comparison!

1. Nia, “Real World: Portland“ — After stepping in Daisy’s poo, Nia decided to confront the pooch’s owners, Johnny and Averey, about the mess. They were resistant to take her criticism seriously, though, and when Nia felt disrespected, she let her fists fly.

2. Ryan, “Real World: Brooklyn“ — Though the guys had played pranks on the girls all season long, Ryan flipped out when the girls retaliated — and tried to put the blame on JD, who was part of the scheme — in the last few days.

3. Ashli and Dunbar, “Real World: Sydney“ — Ashli was pissed when she found out that her hookup buddy, Dunbar, was gloating to the other housemates about her sex acts. When she confronted him, he went ballistic, and proceeded to call her every name in the book.

4. Nehemiah and Wes, “Real World: Austin“ — When Rachel brought Wes’ hookup with a girl named Wren into conversation, Wes, who had wanted to keep his tryst quiet, saw red. Soon, Nehemiah joined in. The verbal stoning of Rachel was tough to watch, and she couldn’t help but break down in the process.

source w/videos of the meltdowns

Anybody watch the finale tonight?

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