'2 Inconvenient 2 Truth'? Al Gore's documentary may get a sequel

Here's an inconvenient truth for you: if you have a hit movie, even if it's a documentary about environmental concerns released nearly a decade ago, chances are it's going to spawn a sequel. And that seems to be the case with the Al Gore hosted "An Inconvenient Truth," as the 2006 movie's producers are talking about once again tackling the tricky issue of our upcoming environmental extinction.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Producer Lawrence Bender has begun conversations about the project, particularly given the recent spate of weather-related disasters happening around the globe.

"We have had conversations," Bender said. "We've met; we've discussed. If we are going to make a movie, we want it to have an impact."

And though this is a worthy cause, our immediate thought here at MTV News was, "What are they going to title the movie?" Here are a few of our best suggestions:

  • "An Inconvenient Truth: Age of Extinction"

  • "Convenient Lies"

  • "An Inconvenient Truth Rises"

  • "An Inconvenienter Truth"

  • "An Inconvenient Truth 2: (Turbine-Generated) Electric Boogaloo"

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