New BTS Videos Of "Snowpiercer" Starring ONTD Boyfriends™, Chris Evans And Tilda Swinton

Sometimes great behind-the-scenes/making-of videos come from the strangest places. One of the best I've seen for Bong Joon-Ho's "Snowpiercer" comes from none other than ARRI Rental, a German-based company with offices spanning the globe, specializing in the rental of camera equipment, lighting, grip, and logistics for movies.

The four-minute, two-part behind-the-scenes exclusive provides a new preview of the sets, cast and crew interviews, and our first look at how Bong and his crew achieved the moving train effect which reminds me a great deal of Christopher Nolan's much buzzed about practical sets for "Inception", though on a smaller scale. Basically, this is four minutes very well spent.

"Snowpiercer" will open the LA Film Festival on June 11, 2014 and is scheduled for a limited theatrical release starting a few weeks later on June 27.



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Do yourself a favor ONTD and see this fucktastic film because our ONTD Boyfriend™, Chris Evans, will blow you away...

So many people are already raving about it. Don't get left behind, y'all!