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10 (5) Reasons ‘Dance Moms’ Fans Should Watch 'Bring It!' On Lifetime!!!!

Following up the successful “Dance Moms,” Lifetime recently premiered its latest brainchild, the high-octane reality dance competition series, “Bring It!” A completely different animal from the network’s longstanding dance program, “Bring It!” features the Dancing Dolls, a troupe from Jackson, Miss., as they face a series of competitions, always under the watchful eye of tough-love coach Dianna ("Miss D") Williams.

With two episodes already in the can, and buzz of a possible Season 2 already stirring, Williams exclusively spoke with the International Business Times Friday to give us an inside look into the hit series. In honor of the show's recent success, here are 10 reasons why all "Dance Moms" fans should be tuning in to “Bring It!”:

1.)The coach can actually dance.

Unlike Abby Lee Miller, who prefers to teach her students from the sidelines, Dancing Dolls coach Dianna Williams has a long history of dance training and can do more than just choreograph a winning number. “I’ve been dancing since the age of three,” Williams told IBTimes. According to the Dancing Dolls coach and studio owner, she has been trained in everything from ballet to tap and, of course, hip-hop majorette.

2.)The girls have raw talent.

 Just like Justin Bieber, the Dancing Dolls were also discovered on YouTube. According to Williams, “Bring It!” came about after her students’ work was discovered by Lifetime on the video-sharing website, a jumping board for the start of the show. “I thought it was really amazing that they found our life interesting and wanted to see what we do down here in the Deep South,” said Williams of the new-found fame.

3.) The kids are the true stars. 

Sure, “Bring It!” does feature some momma drama, but for the most part, Williams says she agreed to star in the series to promote the real stars: her students. Williams says it’s not all about the fame and glory; it’s all about her student’s futures. “I hope that the world will get the opportunity to see that Mississippi has a lot to offer,” she said. “I hope the world gets the opportunity to see that these kids are amazing. The dance style is new, it's fresh, it’s different and I think it’s something that everybody would enjoy.”

4.)It’s already a hit. 

For two consecutive weeks, “Bring It!” has made it onto the Nielsen Company's list of the top 100 cable shows for Wednesday nights, a feat that Williams said has been a huge shock. “It’s surreal to me, to be honest,” said the longtime coach, who started her Dancing Dolls studio in 2001. “I am amazed that the world is receiving these kids the way I just hoped and prayed that they would,” she said.

5.)It shows a different side of competitive dance.

 While a majority of what is seen on the first episode of “Bring It!” consists of hip hop, Williams insists that her girls are trained in a wide variety of genres. “Our dance style is kind of in your face. It’s hip hop, it’s cheerleading, it’s jazz, it’s lyrical. There are a lot of different styles that go into what we do here,” she said, adding that she hopes the series will give viewers a different perspective after getting an inside view of the world of Southern competitive dance. “I hope that it gives everybody an open mind and a fresh look into what we do here,” she said.

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Op note: If you guys havent started watching this show yet, yall better get on it!!!!
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