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Inspirational Makeup Ads Reveal Rather Than Conceal the Women's True Selves

IDEA: Makeup ads have a hard time being authentically inspiring, complicated as they are by issues of vanity and manufactured beauty.

But Dermablend Professional is different. The brand's corrective cosmetics are used by people with mild to severe skin conditions, and so its advertising can be unconflicted—even empowering. This isn't about vanity; it's about freeing oneself from ridicule and living a normal life.

COPYWRITING: In the ads, Cassandra Bankson and Cheri Lindsay look directly at the camera, from a black background, and remove their concealing makeup as they talk frankly about their skin conditions.

TALENT: Both women come off as honest, confident, secure—and above all, courageous. "Cassandra, being a popular YouTube blogger, didn't need me to make her feel secure, but Cheri did," said Ciupka. "I made sure she felt comfortable and empowered."

SOUND: The earlier Genest video used a Zoo Brazil track called "There Is Hope." Ciupka went back to Zoo Brazil for the new spots and licensed an upcoming, unreleased track called "Heart's a Legend."

"It felt right for the follow-up, for a more emotional campaign, while still giving it an edge," he said.

MEDIA: The videos, aimed at women 15-45 with minor to severe skin imperfections, are running on YouTube and the Dermablend site.

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