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COSMOS post! Audio interview w/ Kara Vallow, Animation Producer + Q&A panel w/ NdT, Seth, Ann

This was a live Q&A that Seth MacFarlane, Ann Druyan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brannon Braga, Jason Clarke and Mitchell Cannoid did for the premiere night of Cosmos.

@7:40 "Fox specializes in discomfort!"
@10:45 Neil goes in on "science versus entertainment"
@12:00 Seth and Neil describe lunching with each other. Neil steals french fries.
@14:20 Everyone runs to Neil for his response to anything Stephen Hawking says. (black holes this time)
@17:40 Seth's interest in science
@19:40 Neil calls out scientifically illiterate adults
@21:05 "Is time slowing down?" (, asks a high person.) Neil answers.
@26:30 Ann's, Seth's and Neil's favorite facts about the universe
@36:50 What Neil enjoyed about doing this
@39:20 Neil's favorite filming location (iceland)
@43:20 Seth rages at the people making too much noise in the restaurant when he met Ann
@44:50 Ann had been warned about Seth making extravagant promises....!
@46:30 Neil's HOBBIES! (theatre, old science books, ...ballroom dancing?! ...wrestling!?)
@49:20 Ann and Seth take shots from Seth's tiny flask plus a super awesome Neil Mars answer

SF Signal talks to Kara Vallow, Animation Producer for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Running time: 41 minutes

Audio link:

Kara Vallow has been a producer on Seth MacFarlane’s slate of animated shows such as Family Guy and American Dad, as well as Dilbert, Johnny Bravo, and Drawn Together. So when MacFarlane invited her to take charge of the animated segments for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, she was uncertain if she could do justice to the material. The result was stunning narratives about historical figures such as Giordano Bruno, William Herschel, and Isaac Newton.

In this interview we discuss how her animation team developed the unique style for the segments, the lasting impact of Carl Sagan, working with Ann Druyan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, bringing the Flammarion woodcut to life, Isaac Asimov’s The Last Question, and the Family Guy Star Wars specials.
* * *

Seth MacFarlane and Alan Silvestri (composer for Cosmos, FERNGULLY!!!!, Back to the Future, Mac and Me [looool], The Abyss, Forrest Gump, Serendipity and more)

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