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10 (5) Actresses Who Should Star in the Upcoming "Little Mermaid" Film


They recently announced that Sofia Coppola will be directing a live-action version of the original The Little Mermaid. This film will follow the original Hans Christian Andersen tale and anyone who has read it knows that it is a dark departure from the kid-friendly Disney version. Here are my ideas for ten ladies who would be perfect for the role as The Little Mermaid.


Holliday Grainger is an extremely talented actress who played the role of Lucrezia Borgia to perfection. Her soft-spoken yet strong manner and ethereal beauty makes her a perfect choice for this role.


Nathalie Emmanuel hasn’t had her time to shine yet on Game of Thrones but her beauty is undeniable. Despite having a bit part on the show, her on point facial expressions shows she can emote without speaking much.


Sarah Bolger’s pale beauty makes her look like she could easily be a princess from the sea and she’s had plenty of experience playing royalty; both as Aurora on Once Upon a Time and Mary on The Tudors.


Saorise Ronan is one of the most talented young ladies in show business. She’s been tapped to play various princesses in films and I think this is one she could definitely nail without a doubt.


Sophie Turner has grown up in front of our eyes on Game of Thrones and has turned into an incredibly pretty young woman. She has the right mix of maturity and youth for The Little Mermaid and has already proven her acting talents.

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I'm so here for dark fairy tales.
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