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Ireland Baldwin suffers a make-up fail with a foundation stripe down her cheek

Her mother is one of the most famously flawless actresses of all time.

But when it comes to make-up, Ireland Baldwin doesn't always get it right - as she proved when she stepped out running errands in Beverly Hills on Monday.

The 18-year-old actress appeared to have mistakenly chosen the wrong shade of foundation for her ivory skintone.

Opting for a darker shade than she needed, Ireland ended up with a large foundation line down the side of her face.

However, Ireland appeared entirely unaware of her cosmetic mishap as she headed out in the 90210 area.
The model looked otherwise stylish for the outing, wearing a pair of grey skinny jeans, loose grey top and black waterfall-style jacket.

She completed her look with a Chanel quilted handbag and black patent lace-up boots, wearing her peroxide blonde hair in a high top knot.

The 6 ft 2 in natural brunette revealed in July to People it was her mother Kim Basinger who encouraged her to transform her look from brunette to blonde.

'When I was little I was pretty blonde, and then it gradually just faded out to brunette as I aged, but she’s always loved me as a blonde,' Ireland told the publication, referring to her mother.

'Everybody would tell me, "go back to blonde, go back to blonde," so I just did it,' the young beauty elaborated to the website.

However, since then, Ireland has experimented with various colours for her locks, including bright blue hair and a rainbow shade.

And in a recent picture posted on her Instagram site, Ireland hinted that she was planning to return to blonde by writing: 'Style is eternal. Hair color, ehhhhh not so much.'

Daily Mail

That actually looks like natural redness to me...
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