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Video: LeBron James records rap verse, covers Jay Z song

LeBron James (left) on stage with Jay-Z in 2008. (Jamie Sabau/Getty Images Entertainment)

It’s safe to say LeBron James is better at rapping than Michael Jordan was at baseball.

But that’s as far as I’m willing to go when evaluating the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player’s ability on the mic. Thanks to the fine folks at TMZ, you can do that yourself.

TMZ has posted the audio (below) of LeBron dropping his own original rap verse to the Jay-Z song “F**kwithmeyouknowigotit” off the album Magna Carta Holy Grail. In the song, the two-time champion alters the hook to a more PG-13-friendly “Roll with us ’cause you know we got it” and adds some pretty good lines along the way, including this one (transcribed by TMZ):

Say what you want about the king,
Got money, got cribs, got whips, and oh yeaaa (bleeped) got 2 rings (2 rings, 2 rings)

LeBron recorded the remix last summer in Ohio with childhood friend Sian Cotton, an aspiring rapper who released a mixtape earlier this month. The two titled the song “Kingdom.”

“We were working out together and LeBron said ‘let’s get in the booth,” Cotton told TMZ. “I said ‘I’m going tonight’, so he came to the studio.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen LeBron live out his musical dreams. Back in January, we saw James and his Heat teammates perform at Battioke 2014, a charity kareoke show put on by teammate Shane Battier, singing songs like “Get Low” and “Blurred Lines.”

LeBron isn’t the only NBA player to dabble in music recently. On Monday, DeMarcus Cousins teased the release of his R&B album, “Boogie Smooth.” OK, that was an April Fool’s Day joke, but it’s still worth checking out the fake promo video.

For Opening Day, a Campaign to Love Baseball

MAJOR League Baseball is entering the new season with a new lead creative agency, BBDO New York, and invoking the L-word — love — to describe how fans feel about the sport, and how everyone else should, too.

A campaign raising the curtain on 2014 carries the theme “For the love of baseball” and begins, appropriately enough, with a salute to opening day, then will proceed with commercials that celebrate how attending a game can provide “memories that last forever” and salute young star players like Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers, David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays and Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels.

The campaign will be accompanied by initiatives in social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as a wave of efforts by marketing and media partners of Major League Baseball, among them Budweiser, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, New Era, PepsiCo and Sony. And there are new partners for 2014 like Church & Dwight, Kellogg, Target and Viacom.
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News From the Advertising IndustryMARCH 30, 2014

For many years, baseball played in the shadow of the new favorite sport of Madison Avenue, football. But the growing ardor among viewers for watching sports live rather than recorded, making it more likely they will see commercials, has helped bolster baseball’s appeal as an advertising delivery vehicle.
An ad recalls Babe Ruth’s purchase by the Yankees in 1919.

“Sports is such a passion point between our consumers and our brands,” said Jennifer Storms, senior vice president for global sports marketing at PepsiCo, which is to announce on Monday that “we have renewed our partnership with M.L.B. in a multiyear agreement, extending a partnership we’ve had for 15 years.”

One draw is the fact that PepsiCo products like Cracker Jack, Frito-Lay sunflower seeds and Gatorade are “highly endemic to baseball,” Ms. Storms said, “in the stands, at home, in dugouts” — not to mention the shout-out to Cracker Jack in “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

To deepen those ties, PepsiCo has initiatives like the designation of Aquafina water as “the official sponsor of the seventh-inning stretch,” Ms. Storms said, and a deal with Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals to endorse Gatorade.

BBDO New York was awarded the lead creative duties last month, assuming them from Hill Holliday in Boston, part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, which remains the creative agency for the M.L.B. Fan Cave. The assignment “galvanized people here,” said John Osborn, president and chief executive at BBDO New York, part of the BBDO Worldwide division of the Omnicom Group.

“A lot of this is about immersing yourself in the game, which has so many dimensions,” he added. “A lot of people follow their own particular team, so one thing we’re doing is casting a spotlight on the greater joy of the game: stories of achievement, the ballpark experience, key events like opening day.”
Another ad cites opening day feats by Bryce Harper and other star players.

Last year, a commercial promoting opening day featured young stars like Mr. Harper, Mr. Price and Mr. Trout as it sought to build interest in the quest for the pots of gold at the end of the season: the playoffs and World Series. This year, Mr. Osborn said, the goal is “to celebrate the journey, the season, as much as the destination.”
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U.S. agency knew about G.M. flaw but did not act

Hollywood's antipiracy efforts add new voice
For opening day, a campaign to love baseball

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Tim Brosnan, executive vice president for business at Major League Baseball, praised what he called “the great passion the people at BBDO have for the game,” which “shows itself in the work,” adding that “their understanding of baseball’s heritage enables the creative to go that much deeper.” For instance, in the opening day commercial, cap-tips to recent opening day exploits by Mr. Kershaw and Mr. Harper are accompanied by scenes of Hank Aaron on opening day in 1974, when he tied Babe Ruth’s home-run record, and Jackie Robinson on opening day in 1947, when he broke the color barrier in professional baseball.

A commercial called “Always There” for Budweiser also takes a then-and-now tack, recreating milestones like Ruth’s purchase by the New York Yankees in 1919 and “The Catch” by Willie Mays in 1954 before concluding with a glimpse of a contemporary Cardinals game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

The Budweiser commercial, by Anomaly in New York, part of MDC Partners, “authentically captures memorable moments in baseball,” said Tom Kraus, director for Budweiser at Anheuser-Busch, part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, and “recognizes the powerful role baseball plays in our lives and celebrates Budweiser — the official beer of M.L.B. — always being part of America’s pastime.”

As Major League Baseball embraces paeans to its history, it also acknowledges a need to reach what Mr. Brosnan described as “that ever-elusive younger demo” of consumers ages 12 to 24 and ages 18 to 34. That is the rationale behind a new, multiyear partnership with the MTV2 cable channel owned by Viacom, which on Tuesday will introduce “Off the Bat From the M.L.B. Fan Cave,” a half-hour series, scheduled for 30 weeks, featuring players like Mr. Harper and Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. “We’re focusing on the intersection of pop culture and sports and showing the athletes as they’ve never been shown before,” said Chris McCarthy, general manager of MTV2, mtvU, Logo and executive vice president of MTV. “What we’ll be doing on air and in social media will enable the athletes and our audience to connect as never before.”

MTV2 is “excited about the volume and intensity of interest from” advertisers in the new series, he added, and hopes to announce sponsors soon.

Major League Baseball spent $25.9 million to advertise in major media last year, according to the Kantar Media unit of WPP, compared with $18.7 million in 2012 and $11.9 million in 2011.

Brewers fans give Ryan Braun 'special' reception

"It was special,'' Braun said, who went 1-for-4, and scored in the Brewers' 2-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves. "It was an emotional moment for me.

"I kind of allowed the adrenaline and the emotion of the moment to take over.''

BOX SCORE: Brewers 2, Braves 0

Yes, if you listened close enough, there were a few scattered boos among the sellout crowd of 45,691, which included Commissioner Bud Selig, but he was welcomed back as if he were coach Bo Ryan, leading the University of Wisconsin to the Final Four.

Or, at least Hank The Dog, the Brewers' new marketing sensation.

"It was good for him, he needed that,'' Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy said. "It was important for him to know that he's still loved here, and wanted. This isn't New York. The fans here are pretty forgiving. He screwed up, acknowledged it, and that's all you can do.

"The only thing we were kind of upset about is that Hank got a better ovation than everybody else did. The dog is more loved than we are. People here love their sports, and support them, even if you're a dog.''

Just like that, on an opening day of games featuring the absurd, the Brewers fans' forgiveness and acceptance of Braun - after being betrayed just nine months ago - may have been the most bizarre event of the day.

BONDS: Gets mixed reactions in return to Pittsburgh

Welcome to the 2014 baseball season.

It was a day in which we witnessed historical instant replay, with the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates making the first challenges of the season, only for Fredi Gonzalez of the Braves to go down in history as the first manager to successfully win his challenge.

It involved Braun, of course, who was ruled safe on an infield grounder by first-base umpire Greg Gibson, only to have it turned into an out just 58 seconds later.

"I had a pretty good idea I was out,'' Braun said, who then watched the replay on the center-field scoreboard with everyone else, knowing he should start his retreat to the bench.

"I didn't know they were going to show that stuff on the scoreboard, too,'' Lucroy said, still trying to come to grips with baseball's new technology.

There was Nelson Cruz, one of 14 players suspended along with Braun in the Biogenesis performance-enhancing drug case, who won the affection of his new fan base. He homered and was the hero in the Baltimore Orioles' 2-1 victory over the defending World Series champion Boston Red Sox.

There was Barry Bonds, booed in his return to Pittsburgh as part of Andrew McCutchen's MVP ceremony, but perhaps more jeered for bolting Pittsburgh as a free agent in 1992 than his link to performance-enhancing drugs with the San Francisco Giants.

For fans of the truly ridiculous, Philadelphia Phillies ace Cliff Lee left the day with a 14.40 ERA, surrendering 11 hits and eight runs in just five innings against the Texas Rangers.

And he was the winning pitcher: Philadelphia 14, Texas 10.

Still, even with all of the wild finishes, extra-inning games, and instant replay, Milwaukee had exclusive rights to the drama.

"I think everyone was curious,'' Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said. "I know I was.''

Two years ago, the Brewers and their fan base believed in him when he won his appeal over his positive drug test. Everything changed last summer with the admission that he lied. Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers abandoned him. Several of his peers ripped him.

Everyone, it seems, felt betrayed.

Funny what a difference a few apologies, public appearances, charitable events, and array of apologetic calls to ticket holders, can make.

"Why wouldn't I stick by him? He's a Brewer,'' says Chris Groves, 42, who wore his Braun jersey to the game. "We all make mistakes. I think a majority of the people are probably doing something.

"He just got caught.''

Omar Shaikh, Braun's former partner in his restaurant group, had to cut ties last summer with Braun after the public outcry. Yet, there was Shaikh attending his first opening-day game at Miller Park Monday, wanting to make sure that he showed his support for Braun.

"People were pretty upset when it happened,'' said Shaikh, "but people make mistakes. It's a very forgiving town. Ryan understood that we couldn't be in business together any longer, but that doesn't take away from our friendship.

The Brewers are down 6% in season-ticket sales from a year ago, Brewers president Rick Schlesinger says, but Braun's suspension played only a small factor in the decline. The team stunk, going 74-88, and with renewed optimism this season, they believe they can recover the decline with individual and group sales. Braun, of course, could play a vital role in the resurgence.

"Our fans are willing to not necessarily forget, but there's a level of forgiveness,'' Schlesinger said. "I think a lot of the anger has dissipated. We had our focus groups, and I haven't found anyone that says because of what happened to Ryan, I'm not supporting the Brewers.

"They separated it from not being an institutional flaw, but an individual series of mistakes.

"To be candid, a strong season on the field will make a big difference.''

Still, even if Braun hits 50 homers and the Brewers win the pennant, fan Jim Best says, the healing process will take time. Best, who plans to wear Braun's $135 jersey with a big red X drawn through his name, has yet to forgive.

Not just yet.

"I'm a recovering alcoholic,'' Best says, "and until I came honest with my life and the conviction I had, is when my healing process started. I want to see some humbling amends out of him first. I really hope he sees the light.

"I can forgive you once. You do it again, it's a different story. I hope he sees the light.''​

Ricky Rubio gets 15 stitches in his upper lip, takes out a chair"

MINNEAPOLIS -- Ricky Rubio came away from the Minnesota Timberwolves' 24-point defeat of Atlanta on Wednesday with the battle wound to show for it.

Rubio required 15 stitches above his upper lip after colliding with Atlanta's Mike Scott on a play that was called a blocking foul on the Wolves' point guard, much to the dismay of an irate Rubio and coach Rick Adelman.

The hit and the resulting call left Rubio fuming. As he walked to the locker room with his lip already swollen and bloody, Rubio let out his frustrations on an unsuspecting folding chair.

"I was upset about the call, but I was in so much pain I had to kick something before I punched somebody," Rubio said afterward, wincing every time he smiled or laughed.

GIF: Ricky was called for a block, kicked a chair on his way ... on Twitpic

When he finally returned, freshly stitched up, in the latter half of the second quarter, Rubio seemed to have a bit extra fire in his game. He went on to finish with 10 assists and six steals, as the Wolves eventually put the Hawks away in convincing fashion.

The gash in his lip might put a slight damper on the mustache-growing contest he and Kevin Love discussed starting before the game. Even with the stitches, Rubio's confidence in his facial hair prowess was still intact.

"I think I'm going to win," he said, again cringing as he tried to hold back a grin.

On the other hand, Love is now feeling pretty good about his chances against Rubio.

"He's going to be follically challenged here for a while," Love joked. "Hopefully that will heal up quick for him. He won't have to wear a mask or anything, but he's just not going to be as pretty as usually is, I guess."

At any level, Bo Ryan's method is well-suited for March Madness

Ryan has downplayed the accomplishment. But to those who knew him back when he built an NCAA Division III program into a four-time national champion, it's huge.

"All of us from Platteville are proud of him," Phillips said. "It's as big of a deal to us as to his immediate family, because we've all known he was this good."

They're also proud to see Ryan has built Wisconsin's program in the same way as he did at Wisconsin-Platteville, where the Pioneers won four national championships in 15 years: tough, overlooked kids, precisely executing fundamentals as simple as the proper way to throw and catch the basketball. The Badgers begin each practice by practicing just that, and it could be a bunch of middle-schoolers learning the game.

FINAL FOUR: Which team has the edge?

BRACKET HUB: Everything March Madness

Or those kids back at Wisconsin-Platteville.

"It's the worst thing in the world," said Travis Schreiber, who played on two undefeated national championship teams for the Pioneers. "We would do 'partner-passing' to the point where our backs were sore. But you knew the value of the ball. You knew those little things meant a great deal. When you get to the Final Four level, the margin is very slim."

That truth apparently translates at any level. The Badgers are headed to Arlington, Texas, where they'll play Kentucky in a semifinal on Saturday with a roster that is not studded with future NBA stars (though 7-foot junior Frank Kaminsky might be developing into something very special). Ryan's teams at Wisconsin-Platteville played in five Final Fours.

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan watches his team during an NCAA tournament practice.(Photo: Benny Sieu, USA TODAY Sports)

"He had some darn good teams at Platteville," Ryan's wife Kelly said Saturday night, recalling fondly the buses filled with fans that would follow the Pioneers. "People would say, 'It's (only) Division III,' and I'd say, 'You know what? The trophy is the same. Division I or Division III, it looks exactly the same.' "

Schreiber is now in the insurance business in Madison, Wis., where he has season tickets for Wisconsin basketball games and an up-close look at how much Ryan's Badgers teams resemble the ones he played on in Platteville, about 70 miles southwest. In 1994-95 and 1997-98, the Pioneers went undefeated.

"We didn't get that way by not paying attention to detail," Schreiber said. "From partner-passing, to just simple defensive rotation drills, to breaking the game down to its component parts. … A lot of the same things we did at Platteville, he did at (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and he's doing at Madison.

"I'm not saying it could have been us, but it kind of feels like us back at Platteville. The execution, the businesslike approach … even though it's a different uniform, it's very familiar

Phillips noted that in a comparison of Arizona sophomore Kaleb Tarczewski and Kaminsky, who faced off, "One guy looks like an NBA draft pick, and the other guy looks like he just woke up from a nap." Kaminsky, a late bloomer, scored 28 points and pulled down 11 rebounds, clearly getting the best of the matchup.

"That sums up what Bo has done his whole life," Phillips said. "I don't think you'll ever see any coach who can claim they get more out of their guys than Bo does. There's no four- or five-star guys. He gets guys who fit his system."

They also see the same system. There's no one-to-one comparison to Kaminsky, of course. But in the head-fakes, the ball-fakes, the spins and especially the pivots, Schreiber and others see the four post moves taught with great precision by Ryan: the Moses (a drop-step), the Dominique (a step-through) the Sikma (a reverse pivot) and the McHale (a jump hook).

And that's not the only thing. In the Badgers, they see the same close-knit chemistry they had in Platteville.

"The way the guys love each other and the way 'Coach' loves his players, that's always been the case," Schreiber said. "There's really good camaraderie. You've got the right people in the locker room who are tough, and the right people who are funny."

That apparently includes Ryan. Current players praise his consistency, and say he sometimes says things they don't get, "but at the end of the day," Dekker said, "it works."

"What he said was never wrong," said Phillips, who worked for Ryan at Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Wisconsin, and says Ryan has "a gift" for teaching. "In terms of teaching basketball, everything that comes out of his mouth, if you let your ego go, he was right."

Phillips said Ryan always seemed to have the right thing to say, too. And sometimes it wasn't instruction. Like the time when one of Ryan's three daughters — Phillips wouldn't disclose which — went through a brief phase when she was 3, or maybe 4, when she wanted to be a dog. She spent one game crawling, growling and barking on the other side of the gymnasium, in full view of, well, everyone.

After committing a turnover, Phillips was yanked from the game, just as he expected. But as he stewed on the bench, Ryan crouched, looked him in the eye, and then delivered the perfect message for, in Phillips' self-description, "a high-strung kid who wanted to be better than I was."

"You think you've got problems?" Ryan told Phillips. "My daughter thinks she's a dog."

She grew out of that phase, of course. Phillips never became a great player — "I played Division III because there wasn't a Division IV," he said — but he developed into a good coach and has built a winning program at North Dakota State. And although Ryan long ago moved on from Platteville — where the court bears his name and Pioneers basketball became "a real big family," according to Wayne Simmons, a former neighbor of the Ryans — the same principles have been applied to building Wisconsin's current success at a much higher level.

To those who say the formula looks exactly as it did back then?

"I've heard that from more people," Ryan said, "that this team … reminds them of those teams more than any team we've had here. I'll let people have their opinion. That's fine with me."

'WWE Raw' March 31 recap: Daniel Bryan reigns going into 'Wrestlemania 30'

Previously on: No Daniel Bryan, and Undertaker continued to make Brock Lesnar look weak. At least the Bray Wyatt and John Cena match still looks like a standout.

The big news: It's the final "WWE Raw" before "Wrestlemania 30" and, fittingly, it begins with The Undertaker. He walks to the ring to call out Brock Lesnar, who makes his way out with Paul Heyman. Heyman does the talking but eventually Lesnar slowly makes his way to the ring. Finally, Brock gets in some much-needed offense on Undertaker.

The dead man is left laying in the ring, hurt. This is the aggression Lesnar has needed to show to get fans thinking he has a shot.

Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt drove his feud with John Cena forward even more with another wonderful promo. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone in WWE as engaging on the microphone as the leader of the Wyatt Family. However, after last week's brutality, Cena was able to get a little revenge. He made an appearance in a sheep mask during Wyatt's match and tossed out a couple Attitude Adjustments to get the upper hand going into "Wrestlemania."

Cena sealed the deal with a promo that showed he still has some fire after letting Wyatt get into his head. This match has the possibility of stealing the show at "Wrestlemania."

Finally, Daniel Bryan was back. After not appearing on "Raw" last week, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon told the crowd he wouldn't be on the show once again. In fact, they were there to kill the Yes movement. Triple H keeps mentioning himself as the "most powerful man in WWE," so it's entirely possible it's all a setup to have Vince McMahon return as "Wrestlemania" to set him straight. If that's the case, Bryan still needs the clear win over Triple H. He deserves it. Naturally, Triple H and Stephanie couldn't kill the Yes Movement, because the audience won't let them.

Later in the show, when Batista and Randy Orton fought with Triple H at ringside, Bryan made his miraculous return and put the boots to Hunter, even doling out some kendo stick shots. Batista took a running knee and Orton got a kick, leaving Bryan in the ring celebrating to end the show.

After a week with no Bryan, this was desperately needed. It's a foregone conclusion that Bryan is going to the main event to win the titles and while he has the fan support, he needs to be portrayed as someone who can represent WWE.

Odds and ends:

WWE had one of their best tag divisions in years just a couple months ago. Now it's in shambles and relegated to the "Wrestlemania" pre-show.
Piper's Pit was back!
Unfortunately, it was wasted on competitors in the Andre the Giant battle royal.
Triple H and Stephanie take up way too much air time.
It was good of Hunter to show a video of all the former employees he beat over a decade ago when he was an active wrestler.
It's also great how Triple H blamed the audience for WWE's totally fumbling Fandango.
Jack Swagger's haircut is silly.
"Raw" has somehow made "Total Divas" way less realistic.
Really though, how awesome is it to see Roddy Piper back on WWE TV?
The WWE Universe votes Roman Reigns to fight Kane by a large margin. He continues to be the deserving breakout star of The Shield.


Alberto Del Rio beat Big E.
Summer Rae beat Natalya
The Usos and Los Matadores beat The Real Americans and Rybaxel
Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat Fandango and Damien Sandow
Bray Wyatt beat R-Truth
Nomi beat A.J. Lee
Kane beat Roman Reigns
Randy Orton and Batista fought to a no-contest

WWE Exclusive Interview: Lita Talks Hall Of Fame And Life After Wrestling

She was not your typical Diva.

Lita was gorgeous and athletic, for sure, but she was also a tattooed bad girl whose punk-rock aesthetic perfectly captured the Attitude Era’s edgy allure.

Success did not come overnight for Amy Dumas. Before she became Lita, she travelled solo to Mexico City to learn the craft of wrestling from luchadors.

When fame (and infamy) came in WWE — thanks partly to risque storylines culled from messy real-life romances, and partly due to some outstanding matches — she was a show-stealer whose eventual Hall of Fame induction seemed assured.

With that induction now just around the corner, WhatCulture caught up with Lita for an exclusive chat about wrestling, her post-WWE life and, of all things, vegan cheese.

WhatCulture: Do you have a favorite match against Trish Stratus, looking back on your long rivalry?

Lita: A lot of fans like to talk about the time we main evented Raw, but for me personally, some of my favorite matches were ones where we were just having a lot of fun and enjoying ourselves. One in particular I remember was not too long before Trish retired. At the time, I knew that I too would be retiring, so we were just having a blast on the road because we knew these were going to be our last matches. We were like, “Okay, we’ve already done the work, we know how to go out there and do this, so let’s just go have fun.”

And we would just be laughing and telling stories, literally talking to each other throughout the match, and we’d be saying, “Get it together — we are in an arena right now, we are working.” (laughs) So in the middle of the match we’d try to say things to crack each other up and it was a really fun day at work.

WC: So some of your fondest battles with Trish were at house shows?

L: There’s quite a few of them that stick out in my mind. I can’t always remember the towns, but special things can happen at house shows. I think there’s fans out there, or people who consider house shows unimportant as opposed to big fanfare events like a live RAW or a pay-per-view, but amazing things happen at house shows when the cameras aren’t on, and because the cameras aren’t on. For the wrestlers, you don’t have as much pressure on you, so you can just go out and really be you and feel it, and that’s what Trish and I did and that’s something we really enjoyed about those smaller shows, whenever we’d do the media tours. Most of the wrestlers will tell you, there are definitely some special moments out there from house shows in the smaller arenas and towns.

So yes, Trish and I would have experienced some really fun and emotional moments in those matches that only a few thousand people would have seen.

WC: Fans are anticipating an emotional night at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

L: Oh yeah, especially given the personalities who are either inducting or being inducted. I’m really looking forward to hearing those speeches and there will be some very touching ones, for sure.

WC: Let’s talk a bit about your fellow 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductees, starting with The Ultimate Warrior.

L: I’ve never met him but I’m really excited about having my own “Ultimate Warrior experience.” I’m very excited about that.

More @ source #7

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil demo is out now, event still not taking place until June

EA has released a demo for its upcoming football/soccer World Cup tie-in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

The demo allows you to play as Mexico, Brazil, USA, England, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, or Ivory Coast in the game's Kick Off mode. It weighs in at 1.7GB on PS3 and a slightly slimmer 1.66GB on Xbox 360, where you'll be to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber in order to get it.

The full game comes out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 17, far in advance of the actual tournament which kicks off on June 12.

"With gameplay and game mode alterations that only the most hardened of subscribers ever recognise," said GameSpot freelancer John Robertson in his recent preview of the title, "is EA justified in releasing tweaked editions of what is essentially the same game every annum?"

Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

tyfyt ONTD !!!!
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