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A Day with Lyndie Greenwood (“Sleepy Hollow”)

Lyndie Greenwood, is the kind of girl we adore. She’s a major bookworm, loves to study (currently reading up on wine!), and is already coming up with some movie ideas. If she ever hosts a book club, we’re signing up.

So we were shooting at the coolest bookstore in Los Angeles. Were you in awe as much as we were? Are you a total bookworm?

I absolutely loved shooting at The Last Bookstore. The building itself is gorgeous, and the sheer volume of books was almost overwhelming. I love to read, and I could’ve spent many more hours exploring their collection.

Tell us about your favorite reads! What’s currently on your nightstand?

Right now I’m reading Steven King’s The Dark Tower series. I’m almost finished the second book (The Drawing of the Three), and can’t wait to start the third. While reading this series, I’ve been reading various comics. My favourite comic lately has been Saga. I’ve also been reading a non-fiction book called A History of the World in 6 Glasses.

Do you live in Toronto, Canada? If so, how does Toronto compare to Los Angeles?

Canada’s a pretty big country, and the culture varies from city to city just as it does in the states. I am from Toronto, and I’d say it’s sort of like a little New York. We’ve got a sort of east-coast sensibility here – a cynicism and directness that probably comes from dealing with such crap weather.

Which do you prefer? How have your trips to Los Angeles been? Any fun discoveries?

I’ve been to LA twice now. I stayed for a couple months each time, so I felt I really got to know the city pretty well – although, I know there is much more to discover. I love LA for many reasons, but especially the weather and the hiking. I spent a lot of time running and reflecting in Griffith park. But I love Toronto, too. They are very different cities.

“Sleepy Hollow” films in NC and NY, right? During your downtime (if you have any!), what do you enjoy doing? Sightseeing? Any explorations lately?

We actually only shoot in NC. Screen Gems studios is in Wilmington, so that’s our home base, but we’ll shoot on location in surrounding cities, too. I really like Wilmington! It’s got a fantastic food and wine culture, and tons of history. I’ve enjoyed many a nerdy tour: horse-and-buggy through the historic downtown area, walking the USS North Carolina Battleship, ghost tours. I’ve met lovely friends, and had a lot of fun going to see independent theatre, film, and live music.

Now, you’re back in Toronto! What are your current plans in the next few months? When does filming kick back in?

Unfortunately, my plans for the time I have in Toronto before shooting starts again in May (one month!) are pretty boring: mostly just moving and taxes. But I get to see my family and friends in between, and my dog, so I’m happy.

Tell us how you think your character on “Sleepy Hollow” will progress in the current and next season! What has it been like to be a regular on the show now?

I don’t know much about how Jenny will progress in the show. I’m really excited to get back to work, and find out! She’s been so much fun to play, and I know the writers have some cool stuff up their sleeves for her. Being a series regular feels fantastic; I basically felt like a regular last season, but having it become official gives me a lot of gratification.

How are your cast mates? We worked with a few last year and adored them!

My cast mates are the best! I feel so lucky to be a part of a crew that gets along so well. It makes the long hours (and downtime, for that matter) much easier to bear.

Did you ever think you’d be in a show like “Sleepy Hollow?” Although “Nikita” is equally dramatic!

I really love sci-fi, fantasy, and anything of the “speculative fiction” genre. When I saw the preview for the “Sleepy Hollow” pilot, I was really excited to watch it. It was only afterwards that I auditioned and got the role of Jennifer Mills, so I was extremely excited. I guess you could say I’ve always hoped to be on a show like Sleepy Hollow, so I feel very lucky and grateful.

You studied acting for quite a bit and at numerous schools in Toronto! Not many people really pursue professional training. What made you want to start?

I didn’t pursue professional acting training until after I did an undergraduate degree in life sciences at the University of Toronto. After I graduated, I decided to try acting professionally, and quickly realized I needed some lessons! Now I love to train; I go to classes at Lewis Baumander’s acting studio whenever I have the time. I also really enjoyed studying Meisner Technique with Jason Fraser, and at Pro Actor’s Lab with John Gordon.

Looks like you’re both a dancer and martial artist! What else do you do in your spare time that we just don’t know about? Are you an avid baker? Cook? Etc?

I used to study martial arts, but I don’t do as much of that anymore. In my spare time, I love to read, run, watch tv/movies, and go out for dinner with friends. I like to study things, and for the past couple years I’ve been studying wine.

Lastly, if you’re like us and love to keep up with the news, what’s caught your attention lately whether about entertainment or worldly news that you have been following?

Last night, I learned that the Vatican has been funding extensive astrobiology research for many years. They are very interested in finding our “brothers out there.” Apparently, they feel that these “others” may never have fallen from original sin, and that we may have much to learn from them. I was very surprised by the whole thing, as it seems counterintuitive for creationists to believe in extraterrestrials. The whole thing is bizarre and awesome. I think someone needs to make a movie about it soon.


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