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ONTD Original: Worst pop performances of all time


The Pussycat Dolls Buttons 2006 American Music Awards

Highlights: Random PCD member failing at chairography at 2:10, Melody showing up out of nowhere screeching for her life at 3:15

Nicki Minaj featuring Britney Spears 2011 Billboard Awards

Highlights: Nicki going frrrrr for 10 seconds, Britney blatantly lipping to CD vocals while walking

Katy Perry Firework 2010 American Music Awards

Highlights: Katy slowly murdering your ears from 0:50

Lipping fail trifecta: Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole and Ashlee Simpson failing to hide their shameless lip-syncing

Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday And I Am Telling You American Idol 2012

Highlights: Jennifer Holiday's faces and vocals that even scared JLo away

That Rihanna reign letting up at the 2011 Jingle Bell Ball

but lbr did it ever begin?

Nicki Minaj Fireworks Today Show

Highlights: Nicki getting possessed and giving shout outs to her hoes at 3;12

And in a patriotic moment, here's Christina Aguilera butchering the national anthem at the 2010 SuperBowl

Cassie killing her career performing on BET in 2006

Highlights: Cassie's whisper-singing through the whole performance

The Black Eyed Peas The X Factor 2010

Highlights: will.i.am unable to find and sing on the right key at 2:05

Britney Spears' iconic Gimme More performance 2007 Video Music Awards

Highlights: Brit's drunk ass stumbling all over the stage in the beginning, double chin appearance at 3:14

Source: Youtube + my incredible amount of free time

Drag your faves and share more awful performances below!

Tags: american idol (abc), ashlee simpson, award show - american music awards, britney spears, cheryl cole, christina aguilera, katy perry, mariah carey, nicki minaj, nicole scherzinger / pussycat dolls, rihanna

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