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Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Meets Batmanuel

Ex-Lostie Nestor Carbonell Guest Stars as the POI Reese and Shaw are Monitoring

“Most Likely To…” – Reese and Shaw pose as alumni at a high school reunion in order to keep eyes on the latest POI. Meanwhile, Finch and Fusco travel to Washington, D.C., to investigate the motivations behind Vigilance’s latest attack, on Person of Interest, Tuesday, April 1 (10:01 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest starring are Nestor Carbonell (RICARDUS! Plus, Lost aside, Batman Jesus will also get to meet the Mayor of Gotham City! How apt. But mostly, RICARDUS!), Camryn Manheim (she’s so chilling on PoI), Leslie Odom (srsly PoI has the best villains) and, last but certainly not least, John Doman (RAWLS! The admirable quest of the PoI producers to cast every single actor from The Wire continues. And he’ll be recurring, too!).

Treat yo self Sameen! Root will be jealous, though. Not to mention Ben Linus.

wrhsft (2)

Promo Pics:

April Fools'!

Bonus gif of Richard, actually:

Bonus gif of Richard taking Ben’s innocence, for old times’ sake:

2 UPLOAD 2 LJ anigif larger

Now that’s what I call a Non-Batman Batman outfit. Batman Jesus is slacking.

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