Best of Vive Latino 2014

The largest show of its kind in Latin America has come to an end, having been the biggest yet. Hundreds of musicians and bands played this past weekend in the Mexico City with thousands of people cheering, singing and dancing along. After more than a decade, the festival is bigger than ever before and brought artists not only from Latin America.

According to the festival's website, The Latin American Music Culture Festival Vive Latino (otherwise known as Vive Latino or El Vive) is a rock and various alternative music genres festival that has been held annually since 1998 in Mexico City, organized by OCESA. To celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the festival, organizers increased the show to four days and the number of performers was 173.

The huge line up brought together world famous artists as well as lesser-known musicians from all over Latin America. Although the festival touts itself as a rock festival, it has opened its door for artists of other genres. This year, Los Tigres del Norte will bring a taste of norteño-music.

One of the highly anticipated performers was Puerto Rican group Calle 13, which performed Saturday night. According to Informador, the group was received with loud cheering but the group also tried to raise political awareness and use the spotlight to ask for the freedom of political prisoner in the United States, the Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar López Rivera.

"I was very lucky because I don't know how it came out and I'm happy that everyone of all ages have heard it, from the little kids to teenagers, and it was very difficult to write. I want to do something that is important for us and that is to support a political prisoner in the United States, whose only crime is believing in the independence of Puerto Rico, we are fighting for it and would like to have one flag like you. I wish for you to light up your cell phones for the release of Oscar López," said René Pérez Joglar, the group's singer, before the beginning of their show.

Aside from various well-known Latin American artists, bands like Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails and Placebo, among others, joined their Latin American counterparts in having a good time.

Arcade Fire


Calle 13

La Ley

Nine Inch Nails

La Maldita Vecindad

Los Tigres del Norte

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