Olatunde Olateju Olaolorun "O-T" Fagbenle takes the lead in a new BBC crime drama

Following an injury he sustained to his leg, David Gyasi is exiting the cast of the upcoming BBC One drama series The Interceptor.

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The Interceptor follows a state of the art law enforcement team, known as UNIT, whose unswerving mission is to hunt down some of Britain’s most dangerous and ruthless criminals. Cameron Addicott, whose memoir forms the basis for the series, serves as a technical consultant. David Gyasi had been set as the lead in project; playing the part of Ash, whose dream of bringing down the biggest fish in the criminal underworld comes a step closer when he’s recruited to the UNIT.

With Gyasi now departing the cast, Looking alum O-T Fagbenle has been drafted in and will assume the role. He joins a cast which also includes Trevor Eve (Waking The Dead), Jo Joyner (EastEnders), Robert Lonsdale (From Here To Eternity), Ewan Stewart (Titanic), Lorraine Ashbourne (Playing The Field), Anna Skellern (Heading Out), Gary Beadle (EastEnders) and Lee Boardman (Da Vinci’s Demons).

O-T Fagbenle commented: “I’ve admired David Gyasi since meeting him, he’s an incredible talent and beautiful person. It’s an honour to take over from him. I’m thrilled to be a part of this wonderful BBC production.”


The Interceptor is based on the book by former customs officer and SOCA agent Cameron Addicott and follows a ”state of the art law enforcement team whose unswerving mission is to hunt down some of Britain’s most dangerous and ruthless criminals.” The unit depicted in the series is the same Alpha Projects Unit that Addicott was a member of before his retirement. The unit consisted of a group of dedicated undercover Customs officers who hunted the UK’s most dangerous criminals by extraordinary means. Those means included the interception of phone calls. From there the unit would use the intelligence to prevent these serious criminals from doing harm. Such operations included the prevention of murders, stopping large shipments of drugs and other illicit activities connected to organised crime.

Well, this likely means no Frank at all in season two of Looking. Bah.