Tilda Swinton Tells Us All About Eve

While some may argue the audience will be only barely left alive after sitting through 2 1/2 hours of slow, dreamy, arty, self-indulgent vampire drama Only Lovers Left Alive, no one can accuse its star, Tilda Swinton, of being anything other than mesmerizing.

The actress has worked with writer/director Jim Jarmusch a number of times (my favorite of their collaborations is The Limits of Control), but this project seems to be extra special to her because it's been in the pipeline for so long...an eternity, I guess you could say!

What was your favorite characteristic about Eve?
That she has this perspective that she doesn't sweat the small, the medium, or the big stuff. That she's full of wonder and she is always looking up, which feels to me pretty much the prerogative of people who have lived that length of time. She knows what's worth what.

This is your third time working with Jim, and I was wondering, for you, do you guys even have to talk anymore, or do you have psychic connection?
As for Jim and myself, we talk all the time. Whether we talk about anything that is pertinent to the making of the film, I don't know. We are friends now, and part of the reason I love to work with him means that I get to hang out with my pal for longer than if I wasn't shooting with him. This one was another long gestation. It was seven or eight years since now, and when he first rang me up and said, "Hey, man, let's make another vampire film," and so that means a lot of meetings over many many breakfasts when I was flying through New York, and I was saying, 'Where are we?' and moments on the phone and conversations in dark corners about where we were going to go next over the years. When we came to shoot, the lovely thing about those long developments is that when you come to shoot, it's just [gravy]. You're so relieved to finally be putting it down and you've also had that length of time to talk about it and you don't really need to talk about it that much.

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