BGC 13: The All-Star Season?

No. Not All-Star Battle...

With a few former BGC cast members hinting at their return to TV, rumors have been circulating that season 13 of Bad Girls Club will be the long awaited all-star season. Season 13 is rumored to have no challenges or prize money, but just the regular format of the Bad Girls Club.

Natalie Nunn (BGC 4)

Calendar has "LA - Oxygen BGC 13" written on it

Janelle Shanks (BGC 11)

Christina Salgado (BGC 9)

Could be referring to All-Star Battle 3, though. But she's flying to LA for casting soon like Natalie so who knows!

Julie Ofcharsky (BGC 9)

Tiara Hodge (BGC 7)

This Instagram post has since been deleted.

Gia Bianca (BGC 8)

Rocky Santiago (BGC 10)

Those are the possible girls so far. There are probably a few more they are interviewing. But who will end up going through with it and be chosen? Who knows~~~

Who's ready for the possible return of Queen Kristen tho & who would you like to see back in the BGC house? Dream cast?

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