Taylor Swift attends concert with Douglas Booth and Lena Dunham

Taylor Swift spent Thursday night at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg watching a performance by Bleachers, the new side project of Jack Antonoff (Fun.)

Swift watched from the balcony with friends including Douglas Booth and Lena Dunham (Antonoff's girlfriend). Dunham recently described Swift as "a good friend of mine. I call and text her all the time. She helps me be strong and make better decisions. She has amazing creative instincts."

Swift and Booth, who left the show together, were romantically linked in late 2013 but have insisted they are just friends.

Antonoff and Swift collaborated on the song 'Sweeter Than Fiction.' Antonoff later asked Swift and Hayley Williams to give him feedback on Bleachers' music.

"I sent Taylor and Hayley the song a couple weeks ago, and was like 'What do you think of the mix?'" Antonoff said. "I want to hear it through other people's ears. Something as broad as song structure or picking a single, or as small as 'Does this master have too much low end?' I want honest opinions from my friends and people I respect."
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