Apple To Make iOS Emojis Racially Diverse Thanks to SJWs Miley Cyrus and Tahj Mowry

Miley Cyrus has some power around here, that's for sure. The twerking queen singer is one of the reasons why you'll see a new update on your iPhone soon.

According to new reports, Apple has vowed to update its emojis (or the cute little people-smileys in texts) after Miley and actor Tahj Mowry complained about the cartoon emoticons' lack of diversity. MTV Act blogger Joey Parker reportedly emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook about the issue and got an epic response from Katie Cotton, Apple's vice president of worldwide corporate communications:

"Tim forwarded your email to me. We agree with you. Our emoji characters are based on the Unicode standard, which is necessary for them to be displayed properly across many platforms. There needs to be more diversity in the emoji character set, and we have been working closely with the Unicode Consortium in an effort to update the standard."

It wasn't really mentioned when Apple will update the emojis but hey, this is a start right? The unofficial campaign to make emojis more diverse actually started a year ago though, when Miley responded to a Sephora tweet asking for more nail polish emojis by demanding that Apple add emojis to represent black people.